The Dallas Decoder Interview: Julie Gonzalo

Dallas Decoder Interview - Julie Gonzalo 1 featured image

It’s no secret your Dallas Decoder is a big fan of Julie Gonzalo — a.k.a. Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing Ewing on TNT’s “Dallas” — so I was hugely excited to speak to her recently. Gonzalo was gracious, insightful, down-to-earth and generally awesome. She discussed Pamela’s many ups and downs — and offered a hint of […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Charles Yusko

Dallas Decoder Interview - Charles Yusko 1 featured image

Charles Yusko is the hottest hairdresser in showbiz, but you won’t find him in Hollywood. Yusko, a native Texan, works his magic with the cast of TNT’s “Dallas,” which is filmed in its namesake city and will begin its third season on Monday, February 24. Yusko recently took time from his busy schedule to answer our […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Steve Kanaly

Dallas Decoder Interview - Steve Kanaly featured image

Steve Kanaly will be in Texas this week to film his latest guest spot as Ray Krebbs on TNT’s “Dallas.” I spoke to him recently about what it’s been like to walk in Ray’s boots for the past 35 years — and what the future might hold for everyone’s favorite cowboy. I’m so excited you’re […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Brenda Strong

Dallas Decoder Interview - Brenda Strong featured image

Brenda Strong delivered one amazing performance after another as Ann Ewing during “Dallas’s” second season. I spoke to her recently about what the future might hold for her character and the rest of the Ewings, as well as Ann’s other “family:” those wacky Rylands. You’re about to start production on the third season of “Dallas.” Do you know […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Linda Gray

Dallas, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT

I interviewed Linda Gray! It was an amazing experience — Gray was fun, insightful and extremely generous with her time. I’m so excited to share our conversation as part of Dallas Decoder’s Sue Ellen Week. I’d like to begin with something that I’ve waited my whole life to say to you, which is this: “Hello, darlin’.” [Laughs] […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Mitch Pileggi

Dallas Decoder Interview - Mitch Pileggi 1 featured image NEW

Mitch Pileggi has become the man to watch on TNT’s “Dallas,” where his venomous character, Harris Ryland, loves to torment the Ewings. I spoke to Pileggi recently about working on the show. Harris is so mean. Is it hard for you to play him? No, I like playing him because he is such a jerk. […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Lisa Seidman

Dallas Decoder Interview - Lisa Seidman featured image

Lisa Seidman was a writer on the original “Dallas” during its final two seasons and penned many of the show’s best episodes from that era. She later wrote for “Knots Landing” and now serves as associate head writer for “The Young and the Restless.” I was thrilled when she agreed to answer some of my […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Akai Draco

Dallas Decoder Interview - Akai Draco 1 featured image

“Dallas” fans love Sheriff Derrick, the loyal Ewing friend who is forever getting the family out of trouble. I spoke recently to Texas-based actor and screenwriter Akai Draco about his role as the show’s top cop. Sheriff Derrick has the hardest job on TV: trying to make the Ewings obey the law. Is that how […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Kevin Page

Dallas Decoder Interview - Kevin Page 1 featured image

Kevin Page has charmed “Dallas” fans with his portrayal of Bum, the loyal private eye who helped J.R. execute his master plan. (Spoiler alert: This included executing J.R. himself.) I recently spoke to Page about his role on the show – and his place in TV history. How does it feel to be the last guy who’ll ever […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Rachel Sage Kunin

Dallas Decoder Interview - Rachel Sage Kunin featured image

One of “Dallas’s” brightest stars works behind the scenes: Rachel Sage Kunin, the TNT drama’s costume designer extraordinaire. I’ve loved Kunin’s work since the series began and was excited to hear what it’s like to dress the Ewings. Let me begin by saying this: I love your work! The cast looks gorgeous this season. Every […]


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