Dallas Parallels: Requiems for the Heavyweights

Dallas Parallels - Requiems for the Heavyweights 1 featured image

The funerals of J.R. and Bobby Ewing were filmed 28 years apart, but they draw upon similar themes, including the idea that grief and anger are sometimes indistinguishable. The episodes also show how each brother becomes unmoored when he loses the other, demonstrating how essential their relationship is to the “Dallas” mythology. Bobby’s funeral is […]

Dallas Parallels: Hostage!

Dallas Parallels - Hostage! 1 featured image

No two “Dallas” episodes invite comparison as much as “Winds of Vengeance” and “Blame Game.” Both segments — which debuted in 1978 and 2013, respectively — depict armed intruders invading Southfork and holding the Ewings hostage. The two storylines play on common themes, including stubborn pride and misguided justice, but the episodes also demonstrate the […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 140 — ‘Morning After’

Christopher Atkins, Dallas, Linda Gray, Morning After, Peter Richards, Sue Ellen Ewing

The characters on “Dallas” usually have affairs when they fall in lust or in love, but neither scenario is true for Sue Ellen Ewing and Peter Richards. Their romance is based on their mutual neediness. Sue Ellen, having been betrayed by J.R. once too often, needs to be reminded of what life was like before […]

Dallas: Season 3 Begins February 24 on TNT

Dallas - Season 3 Begins February 24 on TNT featured image

“Dallas” will begin its third season on Monday, February 24, at 9 p.m., TV Guide reported today. The series will telecast eight episodes and then take a midseason break before resuming in the summer. Altogether, the season will consist of 15 hours. “Dallas,” which will start its third season more than 10 months after its second-season finale, […]

Audrey Landers, Charlene Tilton to Return to Dallas

Audrey Landers, Charlene Tilton to Return to Dallas feature image

Audrey Landers and Charlene Tilton will appear on TNT’s “Dallas” next season, Dallas Decoder has confirmed. The actresses will reprise their roles of Afton Cooper and Lucy Ewing in an episode that will also feature an appearance by Steve Kanaly, who discusses his career playing Ray Krebbs in a new interview with our site.

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Steve Kanaly

Dallas Decoder Interview - Steve Kanaly featured image

Steve Kanaly will be in Texas this week to film his latest guest spot as Ray Krebbs on TNT’s “Dallas.” I spoke to him recently about what it’s been like to walk in Ray’s boots for the past 35 years — and what the future might hold for everyone’s favorite cowboy. I’m so excited you’re […]

Dallas Parallels: Drama Mamas

Dallas Parallels - Drama Mamas 1 featured image

When Emma began popping pills and chasing boys on TNT’s “Dallas,” a lot of fans were reminded of Lucy’s antics on the original show. The two women share at least one more similarity: Both have strained relations with their long-lost mamas. In the 1979 episode “Secrets,” Valene goes to Lucy’s college campus and approaches her […]

The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 6

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Patrick Duffy

There’s lots to love and little to loathe about “Dallas’s” sixth season. Performances Every cast member shines during Season 6, but Linda Gray’s performance during Sue Ellen’s alcoholic spiral makes her first among equals. Sue Ellen doesn’t just lose her self-respect; she comes close to losing her life when she drives drunk and crashes J.R.’s car. What […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 130 — ‘Penultimate’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Linda Gray, Miss Ellie Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing

“Penultimate” is an hour of misery and pain, but it contains love too. The story begins where “Dallas’s” previous episode ends, when Sue Ellen drives drunk and crashes J.R.’s car. The accident leaves her with a broken arm and some scrapes and bruises, while passenger Mickey Trotter fares much worse: He slips into a coma after […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 125 — ‘The Sting’

Ben Piazza, Dallas, Ray Krebbs, Steve Kanaly, Sting

Which Ewing brother do you root for in “The Sting”? I cheer for Bobby at the top of the hour, when he thwarts J.R.’s illegal sale of 100 million barrels of oil to Cuba. It’s nice to see Bobby finally outfox J.R., who’s been riding high in their fight for control of Ewing Oil. Of course, […]


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