The Dallas Decoder Interview: Margaret Michaels

Dallas, Margaret Michaels, Pam Ewing

Margaret Michaels occupies a unique place in “Dallas” history. In 1988, one year after Victoria Principal left the original series, Michaels played Pam Ewing in two scenes designed to give the character closure after her fiery car crash and disappearance from Southfork. The following season, Michaels returned for a few episodes as Jeanne O’Brien, a […]

Melinda Clarke to Play Tracey McKay on Dallas

Melinda Clarke to Play Tracey McKay on Dallas featured image

“Dallas” has cast Melinda Clarke as Tracey McKay, one of Bobby Ewing’s girlfriends from the original series. Clarke will appear on the TNT drama during the second half of the third season, which resumes Monday, August 18. Tracey was introduced during the original “Dallas’s” 12th season and was played by Beth Toussaint. The character is the […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Julie Gonzalo

Dallas Decoder Interview - Julie Gonzalo 1 featured image

It’s no secret your Dallas Decoder is a big fan of Julie Gonzalo — a.k.a. Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing Ewing on TNT’s “Dallas” — so I was hugely excited to speak to her recently. Gonzalo was gracious, insightful, down-to-earth and generally awesome. She discussed Pamela’s many ups and downs — and offered a hint of […]

Critique: TNT’s Dallas Episode 33 — ‘Where There’s Smoke’

Critique - TNT's Dallas Episode 33 - Where There's Smoke 1 featured image

Southfork catches fire again in “Where There’s Smoke,” although much of the heat in this episode comes from Pamela’s ménage a trois with John Ross and Emma. It’s shocking to see her make out with her husband and his mistress, although Pamela’s sudden seizure at the end of the scene proves an even bigger surprise. […]

Critique: TNT’s Dallas Episode 26 – ‘The Return’

Critique - TNT's Dallas Episode 26 - The Return 1 featured image

Now that “Dallas” fans know who killed J.R., we can turn our attention to a much trickier question: Who’ll be J.R.? We all realize Larry Hagman is irreplaceable, but we also understand TNT’s sequel series needs a character who can keep the plots — and on this show, that means the plottin’ and the schemin’ […]

In Season 3, Dallas Resets the Chessboard, J.R.-Style

Who Misses J.R.? We All Do, But Dallas is Still Fun featured image

Who misses J.R.? We all do, but the third season of TNT’s “Dallas” still manages to be fun, freewheeling television — even if our beloved Larry Hagman is no longer there to breathe life into his most famous character. Watching next week’s season premiere is a little like attending a family reunion after the loss […]

Drill Bits: Dallas Season 2 Arrives on DVD

Drill Bits - Dallas's Season 2 DVD is Now Available 1 featured image

“Dallas’s” second season arrives on DVD today, and not a moment too soon. Fans now have less than two weeks to catch up with the Ewings before TNT begins televising Season 3 on Monday, February 24. It’s a good thing many of us have a long weekend coming up. We’re going to need it. The […]

Dallas Parallels: O Mother, Where Art Thou?

Dallas, Pam Ewing, Prodigal Mother, Victoria Principal

If Christopher’s search for Pam on TNT’s “Dallas” reminded you of Pam’s search for Rebecca on the original series, you’re not alone. There are several similarities between the two storylines — and also one big difference, reminding us how history never repeats itself exactly, even on “Dallas.” This one is kind of complicated, so let’s take it […]

New Details Emerge About Dallas’s Third Season

New Details Emerge About Dallas's Third Season featured image

More news about “Dallas’s” third season continues to trickle in. (You know the drill: If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading how.) Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre tells TV Line the series has “embraced bad this season, more so than … in Season 1 and Season 2.” The piece also includes Cidre’s comments on three fan favorites — […]

EW Delivers New Details About Dallas’s Third Season

Entertainment Weekly Delivers New Details About Dallas's Third Season featured image

Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue offers some new nuggets about “Dallas’s” third season. If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading now. Here are two tidbits: Elena (Jordana Brewster) will become Cliff’s proxy at Ewing Global and the new season will include two shootings. You’ll recall TV Guide’s recent article reported the new season will include “a […]


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