The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 1

Best & Worst of Dallas - Season 1 1 featured image

“Dallas’s” first season is comprised of just five episodes, but there’s no shortage of things to cheer and jeer. Performances Sorry Mr. Hagman, but Victoria Principal owns Season 1. The actress makes Pam confident and charming, with a laugh that would make Julia Roberts envious. Pam is also unapologetically sexual, making her one of television’s […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘She’s On the Nest — Digger’s Girl’

Dallas Scene of the Day - Barbecue featured image

In “Barbecue,” “Dallas’s” first-season finale, Tilly (Irma P. Hall) is filling drinks at the bar when Sam (Haskel Craver) approaches with a tray and motions toward Jock (Jim Davis), who is smoking and drinking out of the view of his guests. SAM: He’s sneaking his cigarettes early today. TILLY: He ’s snuck three of ’em […]


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