Drill Bits: Dallas is Back! Now Start Tweeting, TV Expert Says

Drill Bits - Dallas is Back! Now Start Tweeting, TV Ratings Expert Says featured image

If “Dallas” fans want the TNT drama to stick around for a while, TV ratings expert Marc Berman has some advice for them: Start tweeting. The amount of buzz a show generates on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites is increasingly important to its chances of survival, says Berman, editor in chief of TV Media Insights, […]

Dallas Parallels: Masterpieces

Dallas Parallels - Masterpieces 1 featured image

The deaths of Jock and J.R. Ewing produced some of the saddest moments in “Dallas” history. From a creative standpoint, the two deaths also stand as high watermarks for the franchise, although I’m sure everyone involved — the people behind the scenes, the performers in front of the camera, the fans watching at home — […]

Here’s Everything That’s Happened on Dallas, Ever*

Here's Everything That's Happened on Dallas, Ever 1 featured image

It’s never too late to start watching “Dallas.” If you missed the original show and the first two seasons of TNT’s sequel series, fear not: This post will tell you everything you need to know before Season 3 begins on Monday, February 24. (*OK, this isn’t really everything that’s happened on “Dallas.” For that, you’ll have to […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 144 — ‘Past Imperfect’

Clayton Farlow, Dallas, Howard Keel, Past Imperfect

In “Past Imperfect’s” best scene, Clayton Farlow storms off the elevator at Ewing Oil, barges into J.R.’s office and shoves him onto the sofa. Clayton, who is newly engaged to Miss Ellie, has just discovered J.R. has been poking into his past — and he’s none too pleased about it. “When are you going to get […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 143 — ‘Barbecue Four’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Barbecue Four, Dallas, Miss Ellie Ewing

Mama’s back! In “Barbecue Four,” Barbara Bel Geddes returns to “Dallas” after being absent from the previous 11 episodes. In real life, the actress was recovering from heart surgery, so the producers temporarily wrote her out of the show by having Clayton whisk Miss Ellie away so she could distance herself from J.R. and Bobby’s […]

Dallas Parallels: Spousal Secrets

Dallas Parallels - Spousal Secrets 1 featured image

Jock and Miss Ellie have the most stable marriage on the original “Dallas,” often serving as role models for the younger couples at Southfork. Bobby and Ann continue this tradition on the new series, although they’ve also inherited Jock and Ellie’s penchant for keeping secrets from each other. During the old show’s third season, after […]

Drill Bits: Will Larry Hagman Be Nominated for an Emmy?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman

Will Larry Hagman receive some much-deserved Emmy recognition when this year’s prime-time nominees are announced on July 18? The “Dallas” star, who died last fall, is a contender in the dramatic supporting actor race. The editors at awards website Gold Derby rank Hagman 15th on the list of likely nominees in that category, putting his […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 118 — ‘The Reckoning’

Dallas, Barbara Bel Geddes, Miss Ellie Ewing, Reckoning

Few moments on “Dallas” stir as many emotions for me as Miss Ellie’s testimony at the end of “The Reckoning.” Ellie, who is trying to overturn Jock’s will because it’s dividing her family, reads aloud one of the last letters he sent her before his death in South America. The words are sad and sentimental, written […]

Critique: Dallas Episode 113 — ‘The Wedding’

What is she thinking?

“The Wedding” is a strong episode with a silly ending. In the final scene, J.R. and Sue Ellen stand under a big tent in the Southfork driveway, where a minister is conducting their second marriage ceremony. He asks “if there be any man” who can say why the couple shouldn’t be remarried. Cliff, who is […]

Tonight on Twitter: Dallas’s Greatest Love Story

Tonight on Twitter - Dallas's Greatest Love Story featured image

I’ll host Dallas Decoder’s next #DallasChat on Twitter on Monday, June 24, from 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern time. Our topic: “The Greatest Love Story Texas Has Ever Known.” The theme refers to one of the couples pictured here. Join the chat to find out which one. As always, each question will be numbered and […]


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