#DallasChat Daily: Who Was John Ross’s Best Fling?

#DallasChat Daily 07.28.14 featured image

Pamela Barnes is the love of John Ross’s life, but he’s had lots of other romantic conquests during “Dallas’s” first three seasons on TNT. Which one was your favorite? Was it Veronica Martinez, the woman who impersonated Marta del Sol, or Becky Sutter, the woman Pamela impersonated? How about trucking heiresses Brandee Cartwell and Emma […]

Tonight, #DallasChat Will Tell on You

Tonight, #DallasChat Will Tell You featured image

You’re invited to Dallas Decoder’s next #DallasChat on Twitter, which I’ll hold Monday, July 28, from 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern time. Our theme: “Cheatin’ Hearts.” If you have ideas for questions, leave them in the comments section below, tweet them to me @DallasDecoder or post them to my Facebook page. I may choose one […]

TNT Releases New Promo, Pics for Dallas

TNT Releases New Promo, Pics for Dallas featured image

It looks like John Ross will pay the price for his sins — and maybe renew an old romance — when TNT’s “Dallas” resumes its third season on Monday, August 18. In a new promo posted yesterday to the show’s Facebook page, John Ross (Josh Henderson) surveys the charred remains of his Southfork bedroom and […]

#DallasChat Daily: Who’s John Ross’s Greatest Enemy?

#DallasChat Daily 07.21.14 featured image

Ewings whose initials include the letters “J” and “R” are bound to have a few enemies, and John Ross is no exception. His rivals include relatives like Uncle Bobby and Cousin Christopher, as well as outsiders such as Judith and Harris Ryland, Nicolas Treviño and Elena Ramos. Which one poses the greatest threat? Your #DallasChat […]

#DallasChat Daily: Who Should Pamela Get With Next?

#DallasChat Daily 07.18.14 featured image

If Pamela doesn’t forgive John Ross for cheating on her when “Dallas’s” third season resumes next month, several other characters could help her mend her broken heart. Which one would be the best match? Your #DallasChat Daily questions: Who should Pamela get with next? Share your comments below and join other #DallasChat Daily discussions.

#DallasChat Daily: What’s the Best John Ross/Pamela Scene?

DallasEp 212 - A Call to ArmsPh: Zade Rosenthal

John Ross and Pamela have had lots of ups and downs since TNT’s “Dallas” debuted two years ago. Can you choose a favorite moment? Was it the time he blackmailed her into doing his dirty work? How about the time he comforted her after she lost her unborn babies? Maybe you prefer his marriage proposal? […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Margaret Michaels

Dallas, Margaret Michaels, Pam Ewing

Margaret Michaels occupies a unique place in “Dallas” history. In 1988, one year after Victoria Principal left the original series, Michaels played Pam Ewing in two scenes designed to give the character closure after her fiery car crash and disappearance from Southfork. The following season, Michaels returned for a few episodes as Jeanne O’Brien, a […]

#DallasChat Daily: Why Did Emmy Snub “Dallas”?

#DallasChat Daily 07.11.14 featured image

The Primetime Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, and — surprise, surprise — “Dallas” was shut out of every eligible category. The question is: Why? It’s true “Dallas” delivered its fair share of ridiculous plots and campy acting this season, but the TNT series also boasts genuinely impressive performances from the likes of Linda Gray and Josh […]

#DallasChat Daily: Who Are Your Favorite Cast Members?

#DallasChat Daily 07.10.14 featured image

“Dallas” boasts one of television’s strongest ensembles. Your #DallasChat Daily question: Who are your favorite “Dallas” cast members? Share your comments below and join other #DallasChat Daily discussions.

#DallasChat Daily: What’s Patrick Duffy’s Best Scene?

#DallasChat Daily 07.09.14 featured image

The Primetime Emmy nominations will be announced this week, and Patrick Duffy is a contender for a dramatic actor nod. Which one of his scenes this season impressed you most? Was it the lesson Bobby delivered to John Ross on the plight of the lesser prairie chicken? How about the scene where Bobby turned the tables […]


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