#DallasChat Daily: Which Sister-in-Law Belonged with Bobby?

#DallasChat Daily 07.25.14 featured image

Bobby would never steal one of his brother’s wives, but I bet some of those gals wish they had married him instead. So how about we play a little fantasy matchmaking? Should Sue Ellen or Cally have married Bobby instead of J.R.? If Valene and Abby hadn’t married Gary, would they have been better off as […]

TNT Releases New Promo, Pics for Dallas

TNT Releases New Promo, Pics for Dallas featured image

It looks like John Ross will pay the price for his sins — and maybe renew an old romance — when TNT’s “Dallas” resumes its third season on Monday, August 18. In a new promo posted yesterday to the show’s Facebook page, John Ross (Josh Henderson) surveys the charred remains of his Southfork bedroom and […]

#DallasChat Daily: Why Did Emmy Snub “Dallas”?

#DallasChat Daily 07.11.14 featured image

The Primetime Emmy nominations were announced yesterday, and — surprise, surprise — “Dallas” was shut out of every eligible category. The question is: Why? It’s true “Dallas” delivered its fair share of ridiculous plots and campy acting this season, but the TNT series also boasts genuinely impressive performances from the likes of Linda Gray and Josh […]

#DallasChat Daily: Who Are Your Favorite Cast Members?

#DallasChat Daily 07.10.14 featured image

“Dallas” boasts one of television’s strongest ensembles. Your #DallasChat Daily question: Who are your favorite “Dallas” cast members? Share your comments below and join other #DallasChat Daily discussions.

#DallasChat Daily: What’s Linda Gray’s Best Scene?

#DallasChat Daily 07.08.14 featured image

The Primetime Emmy nominations will be announced this week, and Linda Gray is a contender for a dramatic actress nod. Which one of her scenes this season impressed you most? Was it Sue Ellen’s confrontation with John Ross, when he pleaded with her to stop drinking? How about the scene where she confronted him about […]

#DallasChat Daily: What’s Josh Henderson’s Best Scene?

#DallasChat Daily 07.07.14 featured image

The Primetime Emmy nominations will be announced this week, and Josh Henderson is a contender for a dramatic actor nod. Which one of his scenes this season impressed you most? Was it John Ross’s confrontation with Sue Ellen, when he declared, “I am not my father!” How about the scene where he told his mother […]

#DallasChat Daily: What’s Your Favorite Dallas Ball?

#DallasChat Daily 07.04.14 featured image

Few traditions on the original “Dallas” could match the grandeur of the annual Oil Baron’s Ball. Do you have a favorite? Was it Miss Ellie’s moving tribute to Jock at the 1982 ball? How about the 1983 affair, when the Ewing and Barnes women faced off in the powder room and Cliff won the Oilman […]

#DallasChat Daily: What’s Your Favorite Dallas Wedding?

#DallasChat Daily 07.03.14 featured image

Everyone loves the weddings on the original “Dallas.” Do you have a favorite? Was it Lucy and Mitch’s 1981 extravaganza, or Miss Ellie and Clayton’s understated 1984 affair? How about J.R. and Sue Ellen’s remarriage in 1982, or Bobby and Pam’s second-time-around in 1986? Perhaps you prefer J.R. and Cally’s union in 1989, or Bobby […]

#DallasChat Daily: What’s Your Favorite Dallas Barbecue?

#DallasChat Daily 07.02.14 featured image

The Ewing Barbecues were one of the original “Dallas’s” best traditions. Do you have a favorite? Was it Jock and Digger’s disastrous reunion during the first-season finale, or Pam’s tragic fall from the hayloft at the end of that episode? How about Sue Ellen and Cliff’s flirty dance during the first barbecue of 1982, or […]

#DallasChat Daily: What’s J.R. and Sue Ellen’s Best Scene?

#DallasChat Daily 06.27.14 featured image

J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing’s love story spanned more than three decades. What’s your favorite moment? Their clash before he was shot? The time they reminisced about their courtship? Their confrontation after she caught him in bed with Holly Harwood? The time she gave him a taste of his own medicine? Their reunion at the […]


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