3 Days, 33 Episodes: Here’s How to Catch Up on TNT’s ‘Dallas’

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Did you promise yourself you’d spend the summer getting acquainted — or reacquainted — with TNT’s “Dallas”? Did you fail to keep this promise? Relax: You still have time. Grab your DVDs and downloads and have a marathon of your own this weekend. Here’s how to watch all 33 hours of the show before the […]

The Best & Worst of TNT’s Dallas: Season 1

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The first season of TNT’s “Dallas” brought the Ewings back to series television after a two-decade absence. I loved it – mostly. Performances The new “Dallas” cast divides into two categories: Larry Hagman and everyone else. As the now-elderly J.R., Hagman was sometimes mischievous, sometimes moving and always magical. Trying to figure out how Hagman does […]

Things Ewings Say

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J.R. isn’t the only sharp-tongued Ewing on TNT’s “Dallas.” To help you prepare for tomorrow’s telecast of “Revelations,” the first-season finale, we offer this review of memorable lines from other characters. • “Count your blessings, Christopher. Those two old geezers would still find a reason to fight.” Lucy (Charlene Tilton), after her cousin announces J.R. and […]

Things Ewings Say (J.R. Edition)

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If the first season of TNT’s “Dallas” taught us anything, it’s this: J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) still has a way with words. With “Revelations,” the eagerly awaited season finale two days away, here’s a look back at some of his best lines. • “Son, the courts are for amateurs and the faint of heart.” Responding to […]

Critique: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Episode 9 – ‘Family Business’

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“Family Business” offers nothing less than the redemption of J.R. Ewing. In this deeply poignant episode, our aging antihero is called upon to face hard truths and make tough choices, and for once in his life, he does the right thing. By the time the closing credits roll, J.R. has a grown as a person. […]

Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ Girds for an Olympics Onslaught

Dallas Ep. 107 "No Good Deed"ph. Bill Matlock

TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode, “No Good Deed,” was seen by 3.3 million viewers on July 25. The audience included about 895,000 viewers between the ages of 18 and 49, the demographic advertisers pay a premium to reach. The show was the evening’s second most-watched cable program behind USA’s “Royal Pains,” although this was the smallest audience […]

Drill Bits: Ratings Rise Again for TNT’s ‘Dallas’

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TNT’s “Dallas” isn’t pulling the kind of numbers it did on opening night, but the show continues to perform well. The July 18 telecast of the latest episode, “Collateral Damage,” was seen by 3.9 million viewers, making it that evening’s second most-watched cable program behind USA’s “Royal Pains.” “Dallas’s” July 18 audience included 1.2 million viewers […]

Drill Bits: This Week, Ratings Rose for TNT’s ‘Dallas’

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Ratings for TNT’s “Dallas” rebounded this week after dipping on Independence Day. Approximately 3.4 million viewers watched “Truth and Consequences,”the show’s fifth episode, on July 4. Although the audience was down about 18 percent from the previous week – no surprise there, TV audiences always shrink on holidays – “Truth and Consequences” still managed to […]

Drill Bits: At the Real Southfork, Business is Booming

Wedding preparations. Marta choppers inÉ EXT. SOUTHFORK RANCH - WEDDING AREA Bobby gives Marta a tour. She agrees to the dealINT. / EXT. DEL SOL CONSERVANCY CHOPPER (PMP) EXT. SOUTHFORK RANCH - WEDDING / BAR AREA Guest arive. Bobby tells everyone that he's selling to Marta; John Ross arrivesEXT. SOUTHFORK RANCH - RECEPTION BAR Sue Ellen talks with John Ross about birthrightsEXT. SOUTHFORK RANCH - WEDDING AREA Elena makes a stunning entrance. John Ross whispers something to Chris

Call it the TNT Effect: Since the cable channel’s new “Dallas” series debuted June 13, tourists have flocked to the Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas. The number of weekday visitors to the property has doubled to about 300, the Austin-American Statesman reported last week. Southfork’s attractions include daily tours of the ranch house, as well […]

TNT’s Dallas Styles: Ann’s Pearls

She wears them well

On the original “Dallas,” Miss Ellie’s pearl necklace symbolized her role as wife, mother and fount of wisdom. Along with the beloved matriarch’s sack dresses, those little white beads became Ellie’s most enduring signature. On TNT’s “Dallas,” Ann’s beads serve as visual shorthand for her role as Bobby’s wife and the new woman of Southfork. The […]


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