Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff II — Ryland vs. Ewing

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Harris Ryland, Mitch Pileggi, Patrick Duffy

Fire up your ovens, “Dallas” fans. It’s time for another holiday bakeoff.

Last year, Dallas Decoder and Cook In/Dine Out brought you a competition between Barnes Fortune Cookies and Ewing Bourbon Balls. This year, we’re pitting Ewing Molasses Sandwich Cookies against Ryland Almond Lace Cookies. (The molasses is like oil and we all know how much Harris likes almonds, right?)

Thanks to Cook In/Dine Out — a.k.a. my better half Andrew — for coming up with these delicious treats, along with the clever commentary from Bobby and Harris. Be sure to let us know which cookie you like best in the comments section below. Happy holidays!

Dallas Desserts - Holiday Bakeoff II - Ryland vs. Ewing 2


  1. I will check out these recipes as well. I am going to enjoy watching the reactions of people when they read their “Cliff Barnes Fortunes!”

  2. C. B., if John Ross & Emma Ryland have an illegitimate child(ren), the Rylands & Ewings will have to get Andy to used his baking & culinary skills to make a cdessert that is representative of both family’s! Happy holidays to use & your “better 1/2” C. B.!

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