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Dallas Decoder is a fan site for “Dallas,” the prime-time television drama that CBS aired from 1978 until 1991, as well as the “Dallas” revival that TNT televised from 2012 until 2014.

The site offers critiques of “Dallas” episodes, posted in the order in which the shows were originally telecast, along with transcripts of memorable scenes. Other highlights include news, opinions and features, along with interviews, lists and guides to the characters and themes.

Please visit regularly and leave your feedback in the comments section. You can also find Dallas Decoder on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr. Send e-mail to dallasdecoder-at-gmail.com.

Chris Baker, who writes and edits Dallas Decoder, began watching “Dallas” as a child and never stopped.

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  1. awesome site, really,congrats!

    • I appreciate this. Thank you!


  2. letystardust says:

    really, great pictures and commets, I see you are a really fan. wish u the best from chile

  3. Jennifer says:

    This site is truly amazing. It is by far my absolute favorite. Your writing is excellent and your insight into the series is thoughtful and quite extraordinary. You could be a writer on the new series! Thanks for creating this fantastic site!

  4. Hi Chris,
    I recently found Dallas all over again. My mom used to force me to watch it as a kid, I was around 5 when J.R. was shot and I know I was in front of the TV that night, but don’t remember a thing about seeing it..lol
    I caught a couple episodes of the new TNT series a couple weeks ago and decided to go back and rewatch all the seasons in order before catching up to the new Dallas.
    Actually, I never really saw seasons 1-2 so seeing them now is an all new, fresh experience…what a blast I’m having! If only I could get Natalie (my lady) into the series..I’ll win her over eventually!
    Anyway, I stumbled onto the Decoder while searching for a more in-depth episode guide than tv.com had to offer. Love the site and love reading your observations and other poster’s comments. I plan on jumping on the band wagon and adding my two cents as well.
    Thx for the site, it’s great!
    Kyle Willson (darrthpacino)

    • Hey Kyle,

      Welcome to the site! I’m glad you like what you see. I hope you’ll keep reading — including the comments. I’m lucky to have a lot of smart readers who have interesting things to say about the show.

      Good luck winning over Natalie. Don’t give up hope! The first time I showed “Dallas” to Andrew, he fell asleep before the end of the first act. Eventually the show won him over. There is hope!

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. I look forward to reading more from you.


  5. Hello. Congratulations for your website about Dallas! So much great informations here, and nice in-depth reviews! I’m from France and I am a fan of the show since my early teens. I watched the original series several times in entirety. Dallas was a big deal here in France in the 1980s. The show was on prime time saturday nite! I am thrilled by the new series and i was able to watch them in english language (french subtitled) on a VOD channel, as TF1 will broadcast the first season only at the end of 2012/early 2013 (dubbed in french). By the way, they have hired the same dubbing actors for J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen than in the 1980s! I will come back often and certainly participate! Please continue. Laurent.

    • Hi Laurent!

      Thank you for reading my site and also for your kind words. I appreciate them.

      It sounds like you have a lot of fond memories of “Dallas” too. The show was a big part of my youth in the 1980s and like you, I’m really enjoying the new series. I can hardly wait for the second season to begin.

      Fascinating to hear the same actors are dubbing J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen. I bet they never dreamed they’d be lending their voices to those characters again!


  6. Hey Chris~
    I am new to the site but love it. I have a sad feeling as we head into this season-not sure I even want the show to continue. I’m curious I suppose, but not anticipating it really. Just sad. How I loved the original, and even Season 1 of the reboot had some great moments. When Mr Hagman passed he closed a chapter in my life as well. Great memories however, what a ride!


  7. Love your site! I used to hide behind the couch and watch the show as child, as my parents deemed it too rique for my innocent young eyes and ears. I’ve started rewatching all the original episodes and appreciate your commentary.

    • Thank you so much! It’s nice to hear I’m not the only kid who grew up watching “Dallas,” although my parents allowed me to watch with them. What does that say about our family?!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my commentary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and please keep reading.

      Chris B.

  8. Chuck DiMaggio says:

    Great site – loads of details! Thank you for your effort and hard work.

    What information do you have about the future of the character Alison Jones, played by Annie Wershing? Thank you!

  9. Claudio Palmeira says:

    This site is my guide. It’s wonderfull and thank you to share us with news, opinions, critique, details and much more. Congrats!

  10. Hi Chris,
    I love how thorough and enthusiastic your reviews are! This is a terrific resource for all Dallas fans!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Think this site is brilliant. I am a huge Dallas fan at 33 years young! I have watched every single episode of Dallas over & over… Huge fan of the New Dallas too. Especially JR. I was lucky enough to visit Dallas last Nov 2012. To see Southfork Ranch was a dream & a blessing, for Larry Hagman to pass away so soon after returning home to Ireland made it all more special, I wasn’t lucky enough to meet Larry Hagman, however we did get to meet Jordana the woman who plays Elena and the actor who played Cliff’s right hand man Richard as they were filming that day at the ranch! Love this site as it just fuels my obsession with Dallas! We are 4 weeks behind here in Ireland, however every Tuesday morning I download the episode after it airs in the USA so right up to speed with Season 2… Keep up the fantastic work.

  12. Wonderful site! Thank you, Chris for creating it. I am a huge Dallas fan from Hungary. I started watching Dallas in Romania (where I was born) in 1990. I fell in love instantly with the whole show, and my love for it just keeps getting stonger and stronger every day. I love the new Dallas as well. I think C. Cidre is making a great job, as well as the new cast members along with the veterans of course. I am hoping for a third season and a Victoria Principal come back. 🙂
    Keep up the fantastic work, Chris! Love u all!

  13. Hi Chirs, Im interested in obtaining some of the images from your site. Possible to purchase image rights or know where I can purchase from? Thanks!

  14. Absolut great “DAllas” Fan-Site. Well done by a true Dallas Fan. Hi I’m from Switzerland, born in 1976 and also saw the original Dallas in 1980s und love the new one (this week has started the second Season) with the same dubbing-speaker from the 80s – except for Cliff Barnes, because the speaker/actor died (but sounds very similar).
    I also hope that Victoria Principal would come back. There is an interesting aspect about the signature of “Pamela Barnes” and their bank account in Zurich. LOL (I don’t live to far away from Zurich) – Ha, I knew it always – Pamela did living all the time in Switzerland. Maybe I should greeting Pamela when I’ll seeing her.

  15. Thank you for providing fans with such an excellent site.

    Being that I do much the same myself for my series of gay romance / adventure novels – I know the work is a labor of love.


    I’ve passionately loved “Dallas” since the mini-series and I think my all-time favorite “arc” was Bobby/Pam/Baby Christopher. I loved Bobby having to sink to JR’s level to protect Pam – much like the new series “Death of JR” arc – where Bobby did much the same thing.

    From one fan to another – CONGRATS !!

    Mark !!

  16. Jennifer Irons says:

    I just love your site and the Dallas Chats are the best! They are so entertaining and I hope there will be many more chats in the future! The questions you ask are very thought provoking and interesting too.

  17. sStuart says:

    I am re-watching every episode as I do every 5 years or so. I loved this show more than any other, and now I find myself watching it as if I am going to teach a college course in it. Starting season 5 and looking at the opening credits I realized this was when we lose Jock. It made me sad as if he just died. This prompted me to research further. I found your website and am so thankful for the information you provide. Thank you so much for what do. It helps the show to live on forever and brings me much happiness.

  18. Hi! I am a Dallas fan from Sweden who just found this great site. I just wanted to leave a message saying how much I am enjoying it, really great work! I’ve been a Dallas fan since I was a wee child, Dallas was on Saturday nights and I remember watching it every week with my parents. I was too young to read the subtitels myself so my mom or dad read them out loud to me. Now that’s devoted parents! 🙂 Now I keep waiting for season 2 of the new Dallas to be aired in Sweden, and until then I keep watching the old seasons over and over and over again… I really look forward to spending a lot of time at this site, I am so happy I stumbled across it! Again, great work – keep it up!

    • Thank you, Marie! I got a chuckle from your message. I love the idea of your parents reading the “Dallas” subtitles to you. Devoted parents, indeed.

      I hope you’ll keep visiting Dallas Decoder. I have some fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


  19. Anonymous says:

    I love the new series on TNT. It sparked my interest in the old series which I only watched for one season when it originally aired. I am now enjoying seeing all the back story to Christopher and John Ross. It would be great if you interview the people who select the songs or score TNT Dallas.

  20. After JR’s funeral episode, I didn’t remember all the characters who returned. I did some web surfing and came across your site. This is awesome! I have been watching all the original episodes and am currently on season 7 right where your critiques end. I am anxiously waiting for the new critiques to be posted. Keep up the good work- love it!

  21. Chris B. & Andrew are absolute masters, especially this Christmas season of DALLAS & all that entails. Totally well done gents!

  22. Diane Reel says:

    I may be your biggest fan ever. The show inspired me to move to Dallas from Louisiana. I have all the tapes from 1st series. I found them on line when I heard the new series was starting. And have watched them over and over. I started college in 76. Dallas began in 78. I like the new series, too. Some of the things I miss is Pamela Barnes Ewing, Lucy Ewing, Julie, Ray I don’t care what they look like. JR’s secretary. I am sure they have aged, we all have! But the familiarity is what I miss. I also really miss the family breakfasts at the table. Let’s see, that would be Bobby, and Christopher, maybe Lucy. She could have a place close by on the ranch. Since JR passed, maybe Gary could come back, Anne. I also miss evening cocktails, even if it was just diet coke, sparkling water. A time to gather in the evening and talk about the goings on of the day.

  23. C.B., I saw that god damned Barnes here 2x in dinner theatre productions up in Edmonton, Alberta. He was giving 1/2 his salary to the Larry Hagman organ donation awareness charity that was helping pay the bills for those waiting & those who had received new organs. He said Larry was tickled pink. He & Larry also fished together a few times, we found this out in an extraordinary q & a done after the show! Not usually done in dinner theatre but Ken loves talking Larry, Patrick, Linda, about DALLAS, & life in general!

    • Wow, that’s really cool, R.J. I got to interview Mr. Kercheval on the phone but I’ve never seen him in person. The Q&A sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it. Have you seen anyone else from the show in person?

  24. Becky L says:

    Hi ! Ran across your site while researching the value of a pair of “Who Shot JR” blue jeans – any suggestions on where to find that kind of information? Needless to say, I grew up on Dallas and was pleased when it reemerged !

    • Hi Becky,

      Never heard of “Who Shot J.R.?” blue jeans, but they sound cool! Have you checked eBay to see if other folks are selling similar pairs?

      Thanks for checking out my site!


  25. If they take away too many Ewing family members, how can they still name this show “Dallas”? If they want something new and different, let them give the program a different name . I really liked the original Dallas programs. These new ones should stay away from smut and drug cartells. The new Ewing characters are really doing a fine job,too. Josh, Jesse, Julie,Brenda, and Jordanna are an asset to the show. I wouldn’t like the show without Patrick and LInda and Ken.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I hope they don’t take Dallas off i love dallas

  27. Sue carter says:

    just watched the last episode of DALLAS here in the UK was fantastic surely some1has to save this show great acting by all ,this was the only decent show worth watching please save DALLAS

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