In Memoriam: Our 2016 ‘Dallas’ Tributes


Dallas Decoder remembers the “Dallas” actors, crew members and other contributors who died in 2016. Click on each person’s name to learn more about his or her career at   Anthony Addabbo Died October 18 (age 56) In the 14th-season episode “Smooth Operator,” Addabbo played John, a Hollywood wannabe who pitched Bobby on a […]

‘Swan Song’: Making a ‘Dallas’ Classic

Swan Song - Making a Dallas Classic 1 featured image

Ask “Dallas” fans to name their favorite episode and many will say “Swan Song,” the 1985 segment in which Bobby dies heroically after saving Pam’s life. Although the death was later written off as a dream, the episode remains moving and memorable. To mark its 30th anniversary, I spoke to eight “Dallas” insiders who had […]

‘Dallas’ 2013: Hail and Farewell to Those We Lost

Hail and Farewell 5 featured image

In 2013, “Dallas” fans said goodbye to several people who contributed to the original series. Here’s a list of those we lost, along with a few notable deaths that occurred among the show’s extended family. Click on each person’s name to learn more about his or her career at Deanne Barkley Died April 2 […]

The Dal-List: ‘Dallas’s’ 35 Greatest Moments (So Far)

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“Dallas” debuted 35 years ago today. To commemorate its anniversary, here’s my list of the franchise’s 35 greatest moments. 35. J.R. meets his match. “Dallas’s” first episode ends with Pam turning the tables on J.R. (Larry Hagman) after he tries to make it look like she was cheating on Bobby with Ray. “Looks like I underestimated […]

Happy Anniversary, Darlins!

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“Dallas” debuted on April 2, 1978, but there’s a second reason this day is special to me: I introduced exactly one year ago. My initial goal was to use this site to get reacquainted with my all-time favorite TV show before the arrival of TNT’s continuation. I figured I’d dash off a critique a […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Joan Van Ark

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Mark your calendars: The March 18 episode of TNT’s “Dallas” will feature a guest appearance from Joan Van Ark, who immortalized the role of Valene Ewing on the original “Dallas” and its “Knots Landing” spinoff. I was honored to speak recently to Van Ark about her return to Southfork. You just filmed your first scenes […]

Drill Bits: Another Ratings Bump for ‘Dallas’

DallasEp 206 - Blame Game

“Dallas” scored almost 2.6 million viewers on February 25, making this the third week in a row the TNT drama experienced a slight bump in the ratings. The audience included roughly 890,000 viewers in the advertiser-prized demographic of adults between ages 18 and 49. “Dallas” is also getting a big boost from DVR users. For […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Ted Shackelford

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Ted Shackelford logged more than 340 hours of prime-time television playing Gary Ewing on the original “Dallas” and “Knots Landing.” Next month, he’ll revive the character for a three-week guest stint on TNT’s “Dallas.” I was thrilled to speak to Shackelford recently about Gary’s return to Southfork. Did you ever dream you’d be playing Gary […]

Dallas Decoder’s Man of the Year: Larry Hagman

Dallas Decoder's Man of the Year - Larry Hagman featured image

A few days after Larry Hagman’s November 23 death, his son Preston told a television interviewer that his father’s work on TNT’s new “Dallas” series extended Hagman’s life during his struggle with cancer. I believe it. I also believe the relationship between star and show was mutually beneficial. “Dallas” kept Hagman alive, but he kept […]

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Michael Preece

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No one “shot” J.R. Ewing more often than Michael Preece, who directed more than 60 episodes of the original “Dallas” series. He graciously agreed to share some of his memories of working on the show and with its biggest star, Larry Hagman. You probably worked with Larry Hagman more than any other director. How much […]