Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy to Reunite for ‘A Dallas Retrospective’

In case you haven’t heard: Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy will reunite for “A Dallas Retrospective,” … [Read More...]

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Dallas shower featured image

30 Years Later, ‘Dallas’s’ Shower Scene Still Makes a Splash

In so many ways, “Dallas” is the show that invented modern television. … [Read More...]

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Charlene Tilton Remembers Lucy Ewing’s Many Loves

Poor Lucy Ewing never found Mr. Right — but not for lack of trying. … [Read More...]

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Feel the Force, Darlins! How ‘Star Wars’ Mirrors ‘Dallas’

You love “Star Wars.” You love “Dallas.” Have you ever noticed how much they have in common?   The … [Read More...]

Dallas Decoder Interview - David Jacobs 1 featured image

The Dallas Decoder Interview: David Jacobs

Before J.R. Ewing appeared on our television screens, he existed in the mind of David Jacobs. … [Read More...]

Dallas Decoder Interview - Patrick Duffy 1 featured image

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy is everything you would expect him to be: smart, thoughtful, funny and above all, kind. … [Read More...]

EXCLUSIVE - See a Deleted Scene from Dallas's Third Season featured image

EXCLUSIVE: See a Deleted Scene From ‘Dallas’s’ Third Season

Before Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) learned the truth about J.R.’s death in “Hurt,” she asked John Ross (Josh Henderson) for answers. … [Read More...]

Dallas Season 2Ep 208 - JR's MasterpiecePhotographer: Zade Rosenthal

BREAKING NEWS: The Efforts to Save ‘Dallas’ Have Ended

The efforts to find “Dallas” a new home have ended, executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin said … [Read More...]

Dressing Dallas 1 featured image

Dressing ‘Dallas’: A Day with Costume Designer Rachel Kunin

Rachel Sage Kunin is standing inside an antique store on the edge of Dallas, carefully examining an ornate ring. … [Read More...]

TNT Dallas Ep 212, Photo: Zade Rosenthal, Dallas, TX

Dallas Decoder’s Woman of the Year: Linda Gray

Good actors make you believe. Great actors make you feel. … [Read More...]

Goodbye, J.R. featured image

Goodbye, J.R.

I don’t know who came up with the idea that J.R. Ewing was the man we loved to hate, but nothing could have been further from the truth. … [Read More...]

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The Dal-List: 37 Reasons to Love ‘Dallas’

“Dallas” debuted 37 years ago today. Here’s why we still love the Ewings. 37. “Digger’s … [Read More...]

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The Dal-List: 36 Experiences Shared by Longtime ‘Dallas’ Fans

Remember when “Dallas” ruled the world? Here are 36 experiences shared by fans who’ve loved the show … [Read More...]

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The Dal-List: ‘Dallas’s’ 35 Greatest Moments (So Far)

“Dallas” debuted 35 years ago today. To commemorate its anniversary, here’s my list of the franchise’s 35 greatest moments. 35. … [Read More...]

Dal-List - 10 Classic Confrontations Between J.R. and Pam 11 feature

The Dal-List: 10 Classic Clashes Between J.R. and Pam

The confrontation between J.R. and Pamela (Larry Hagman, Julie Gonzalo) in “Venomous Creatures,” one of this week’s new “Dallas” episodes on TNT, was … [Read More...]

Dal-List - The Original Dallas's 8 Ewing Barbecues, Ranked 9 featured image

The Dal-List: Classic ‘Dallas’s’ 8 Ewing Barbecues, Ranked

The Ewings throw another Southfork barbecue in “Trust Me,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode. … [Read More...]

Dal-List - The Original Dallas's 8 Southfork Weddings, Ranked featured image

The Dal-List: Classic ‘Dallas’s’ 8 Southfork Weddings, Ranked

John Ross and Pamela (Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo) eloped on “Dallas” last season, but they’ll get a traditional Southfork wedding in “Lifting the Veil,” … [Read More...]

Dallas EP 313

The Dal-List: Classic ‘Dallas’s’ 13 Most Harrowing Kidnappings

The Ewings discover Ann and Emma (Brenda Strong, Emma Bell) have been kidnapped in “Boxed In,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode. … [Read More...]

Dallas EP 308

The Dallas Decoder Guide to Household Safety

No one should be surprised to see Southfork go up in flames in “Where There’s Smoke,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” … [Read More...]

Will Ann and Bobby (Brenda Strong, Patrick Duffy) invite Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) to this year’s holiday shindig? (Photo credit: Erik Heinila/TNT)

The Dallas Decoder Guide to Entertaining, Ewing Style

The holidays are here and that means one thing: It’s party time! … [Read More...]

Dallas Decoder Guide to Summer Entertaining, Ewing Style 1 featured image

The Dallas Decoder Guide to Summer Entertaining

Planning a party this summer? If you want to host an affair your guests will never forget, follow these tips from the Ewings … [Read More...]

Road to Happiness featured image

‘Road to Happiness’ Casts Linda Gray in a New Role: Teacher

Start reading Linda Gray’s new book, “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction,” and you might be struck by how much the actress … [Read More...]