Happy Anniversary to Them (And to Us)

“Dallas” debuted 39 years ago today, while Dallas Decoder started on this day five years ago. How time flies! To mark the occasion, I’ve added fresh images to our front page, and I plan to share some publicity stills from “Dallas’s” first season on social media throughout April. I also hope to get back to […]

A Holiday Wish for ‘Dallas’ Fans — and Everyone Else

What a year this has been, “Dallas” fans. It feels like we’re all living in the show’s infamous dream season. Not the good part of that year — the first batch of episodes, which featured some of “Dallas’s” best-ever writing and direction and Linda Gray’s stellar performance as a down-in-the-gutter Sue Ellen. No, real life […]

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Before this holiday season ends, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads Dallas Decoder. Please know how much I appreciate your continued support. I don’t get to write about “Dallas” as often as I once did, but this was a special year for me nonetheless. I posted my first one-on-one interview […]

Back to the ’80s! Dallas Decoder’s Classic Critiques Return

Starting today, Dallas Decoder begins critiquing the classic show’s eighth-season episodes. It’s the era that brought us Mandy Winger, cousins Jamie and Jack Ewing and, of course, Donna Reed as Miss Ellie Ewing (er, Farlow). I plan to post a new critique every Monday and Wednesday, at least for the next few weeks. I hope […]

Season’s Greetings, ‘Dallas’ Fans

The only thing I enjoy more than watching “Dallas” is writing about it, so I want to take a moment to thank everyone who read Dallas Decoder in 2014. Please know much I appreciate your support, feedback and enthusiasm. This is the first December in a while that we don’t have new “Dallas” episodes to […]

Classic Critiques Return to Dallas Decoder

Dallas Decoder is resuming its coverage of the original “Dallas” series, starting today. I’m picking up where I left off earlier this year — about two-thirds of the way through the seventh season. Look for a fresh episode critique and “Dallas Scene of the Day” transcript each Wednesday for the next few weeks. These are the […]

‘Dallas’s’ New Credits: Whose Split-Screen Do You Like Best?

“Dallas” brought back its classic, three-way split-screen title sequence in “The Return,” this week’s third-season premiere. Visit Dallas Decoder’s Facebook page to see a composite of all the actors’ split-screens and to choose your favorite. This is an example of the kind of content I plan to post more frequently to Facebook this year, so if you […]

Here’s How Dallas Decoder Will Cover Season 3

Dallas Decoder is going to work hard to bring you exceptional coverage of “Dallas’s” third season, which begins tonight on TNT. Here’s what you’ll see: • “Dallas Burning Questions.” Every Monday, I’ll look at the questions left unanswered at the end of the previous week’s “Dallas” episode. The goal: to help you refresh your memory […]

Happy Holidays, ‘Dallas’ Fans

The holidays are here and your Dallas Decoder is feeling warm and fuzzy. Before I sign off to spend Christmas with my family, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads this website. The best part of blogging about “Dallas” is the opportunity it affords me to interact with my fellow fans. […]

This Weekend, Let’s Honor Larry Hagman

To honor Larry Hagman on his birthday weekend, I’m inviting my fellow fans to join me in sharing favorite memories of him on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Let’s use the hashtag #HonorLarryHagman in all of our messages so everyone can find them easily. (To get his name “trending,” you can use #LarryHagman too.) I […]