Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘There’s Nothing Eating Me Up, Pam!’

Dallas, Julie Grey, Pam Ewing, Spy in the House, Tina Louise, Victoria Principal

Focus, Julie!

In “Spy in the House,” a first-season “Dallas” episode, Pam (Victoria Principal) sees Julie (Tina Louise) leaving Cliff’s apartment building and begins walking alongside her.

PAM: I want to talk to you.

JULIE: I’m on my way to the office, Pam.

PAM: How long have you been seeing my brother?

JULIE: Who said I’ve been seeing your brother?

Pam grabs Julie’s arm. They stop.

PAM: Hey look, I know you gave Cliff the file – and it seems to be my business now.

JULIE: Pam, if you can’t hold your own with the Ewings – [Begins walking away; Pam quickly catches up to her]

PAM: Is that what’s been eating you up?

JULIE: [Flustered] There’s nothing eating me up, Pam!

PAM: I see, both of us working girls. You settled for what you could have with J.R. and I married Bobby. I did what you were afraid to even try!

JULIE: Listen, will you leave me alone?

Pam again grabs her arm. Again, they stop walking.

PAM: Maybe way back when, if you’d stood your ground, you could have been Mrs. Ewing. What have you got now, Julie? Nothing. Not even your self-respect.

Julie storms off.


  1. Julie’s a tragic character. Pam doesn’t have to rub it in.

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