The Art of Dallas: ‘Winds of Vengeance’

Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is forced to remove her raincoat in this 1978 publicity shot from “Winds of Vengeance,” a first-season “Dallas” episode.


  1. As I mentioned in the critique article, this was the scene that first made Sue Ellen into an important character. And Linda Gray nailed it.

  2. I forgot to add: it’s hard to imagine later, but Linda Gray was not yet in the opening credits at this point, making her character subordinate to the other women characters (Pam and Miss Ellie).

    • Incredible, isn’t it? I’m glad the producers recognized how much Linda Gray had to offer! “Dallas” wouldn’t have been “Dallas” without Sue Ellen’s prominent role.

  3. Jessica Sellers says:

    I’m the child of a Dallas Fanatic—and now I’ve become a fanatic as well. I absolutely loved this scene of Sue Ellen. I agree—this was the scene that solidified her character.

  4. I remember seeing this episode as a teenager in 1978 and thinking “a hurricane hitting Dallas and people are wearing winter coats?”. It’s a painfuly stupidl episode to watch and not laugh.

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