Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘She’s On the Nest — Digger’s Girl’

Barbecue, Dallas, Haskel Craver, Irma P. Hall, Jim Davis, Jock Ewing, Sam, Tilly

Tell her some news

In “Barbecue,” “Dallas’s” first-season finale, Tilly (Irma P. Hall) is filling drinks at the bar when Sam (Haskel Craver) approaches with a tray and motions toward Jock (Jim Davis), who is smoking and drinking out of the view of his guests.

SAM: He’s sneaking his cigarettes early today.

TILLY: He ’s snuck three of ’em sitting there. Ain’t like him to stay away from his guests so long. [Places champagne glasses on Sam’s tray]

SAM: Digger Barnes is here!

TILLY: Say what?

SAM: You heard me. The girl Bobby married is Digger’s daughter. So it figures Jock and Digger are bound to meet again.

TILLY: Yeah, but from the looks of him, it happened a long time before he was ready. [Motions toward the crowd] How are things out there?

SAM: Crazy.

TILLY: Oh, that ain’t no news. Tell me some news.

SAM: She’s on the nest – Digger’s girl.

TILLY: Now that’s news. How’s the missus and Big Brother taking it?

SAM: I don’t think they know about it yet.

TILLY: They ain’t going to like that. Who’s going to be the first to have a fight?

SAM: Too soon to tell.

TILLY: First to get drunk?

SAM: [Motions toward Jock] He’s got the head start.


  1. Too bad the show didn’t further explore this kind of “Upstairs/Downstairs” exposition. I think it would have added some additional dimension to the Ewing family.

    • Yep, I agree. In the sixth-season finale, Teresa announces she and Raoul are going to a movie. I think that’s the closest we ever come to finding out about their personal lives.

  2. Dan in WI says:

    I don’t know if it is the stereotypes that Sam & Tilly display but for my money they made this episode feel a bit too much like a daytime soap. Gossip really isn’t a part of the Dallas we would grow to love.

    • We have different opinions on this one, Dan. I loved Sam and Tilly, although I see your point about stereotypes. I like the idea of having servants around in meaningful roles to lend Southfork an “Upstairs/Downstairs” vibe.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Sam & Tilly are technically not servants. As caterers they are independant contractors.
        That said I do agree with you in general. I do enjoy Carmen in the new show. It is Sam and Tilly specifically that rub me the wrong way.

      • Notable distinction, Dan. Thanks.


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