Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘We’ve Had a Good Life, Ellie’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Bypass, Dallas, Jim Davis, Jock Ewing, Miss Ellie Ewing

Heart to heart

In “Bypass,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Jock (Jim Davis) lies in his hospital bed, talking to Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes).

JOCK: [Smiling] You know, Ellie, sometimes I worry I, I don’t think I’ve been a very good father.

ELLIE: Yes, you have.

JOCK: Gary pulling out. Drifter. Maybe I could’ve done better by him but just didn’t know how.

ELLIE: Jock, don’t. Look at J.R. He may get on your nerves once in awhile, but he’s done wonders for Ewing Oil – a natural born businessman. And Bobby’s working the ranch. I like that. Maybe that’s the way to solve the whole problem.

JOCK: Maybe. [Serious] Ellie if, if anything happens to me, you keep the family together, you hear?

ELLIE: Nothing’s going to happen.

JOCK: Promise me. It means a lot.

ELLIE: [Smiling] To me, too. [Chuckles] Remember when my daddy didn’t give us five years together? [Jock laughs.] Sometimes I think he was right. We’re both so headstrong. Well, we’ve raised a family – and we’re still together.

JOCK: [Pushes a tray table away and Ellie moves closer] We’ve had a good life, Ellie.

ELLIE: We still do.

She kisses him.


  1. Anonymous says:

    absolutely will forever love these 2 in their iconic roles!

    • I agree! They’re both fantastic. I’m so glad Barbara Bel Geddes received an Emmy for her work on “Dallas.” Jim Davis deserved one, too. Thanks for commenting.


  1. […] small moments in this episode are among its best, beginning with Jock and Miss Ellie’s heart-to-heart in his hospital room. As he lies in bed, with medical tubes taped to his chest, he urges Ellie to […]

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