Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Those Weekly Wild Parties’

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Double Wedding, Pam Ewing, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal

Easy as pious

In “Double Wedding,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby (Patrick Duffy), emerges from the Southfork swimming pool and tells Pam (Victoria Principal) about his meeting earlier in the day with the church elders.

BOBBY: [Drying off with a towel] Honey, you should’ve met that building committee. They were more interested in whether or not you and I were going to come to their church than they were if there’s enough room for each of the boys to sleep in the dorm.

PAM: [Mischievously] Do I sense a game plan?

BOBBY: [Grabs her arms and faces her] Well honey, I will adopt my most pious expression but you are going to have to cancel those weekly wild parties of yours. Now, I know it’s going to be hard, but Mr. and Mrs. Ewing are going to become pillars of the community – until the contract’s signed.

PAM: [Mock seriousness] I don’t know. I look forward to those wild parties!

BOBBY: I know you do. [Kisses her]


  1. […] this sentiment in the scene where Bobby jokingly tells Pam she’ll have to stop throwing her “weekly wild parties” while he competes for the church’s business. The implication: Young people like Bobby and Pam […]

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