Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Chances Are It’s Yours’

Act of Love, Dallas, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing

In a family way

In “Act of Love,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) pours champagne for him and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), who is seated in the Southfork den.

J.R.: Now, tell me everything. How far along are you?

SUE ELLEN: About six weeks, near as we can tell.

J.R.: [Chuckles] Six weeks! How about that! Six weeks. That was right before Lucy’s birthday, wasn’t it?

SUE ELLEN: [Sips her champagne] Around there.

J.R.: Now, you sure it couldn’t be longer than six weeks?

SUE ELLEN: Well, I don’t think so. Why?

J.R.: [Sits down] I don’t see how you can be six weeks pregnant.

SUE ELLEN: Why, I don’t understand.

J.R.: Well, I do. Seems it’s been longer than that since you and I could’ve conceived a child. If I remember correctly, I was down in Austin for … 10 days, right about that time. Yeah, it was that time. I repeat, Sue Ellen: How can you be six weeks pregnant?

SUE ELLEN: [Rises and approaches J.R.] Well, I know we don’t practice our connubial rights with anything approaching regularity, but you did come home from Austin for the weekend. Is it possible that you don’t remember? It happens so rarely I thought it might make an impression.

J.R.: No, there’s something wrong here. Something wrong. Now even if I did remember, I think it’s mighty peculiar that after seven years of trying, you should get pregnant that one particular night.

SUE ELLEN: Stranger things have happened.

J.R.: Not to me they haven’t.

SUE ELLEN: Are you trying to tell me that you may not be the father of my child?

J.R.: [Simmering] You tell me.

SUE ELLEN: There’s nothing to tell. I’ve been just as faithful to our marriage vows as you have, darling. That’s the only thing that interests you, isn’t it? That precious Ewing heir – no matter whose it is.

J.R. rises and slaps her.

SUE ELLEN: [Angry] Don’t you ever do that again!

J.R.: I’ll do anything I want to.

SUE ELLEN: Not anymore! Because I finally have something you want – our baby.

J.R.: Our baby?

SUE ELLEN: Chances are it’s yours, J.R. And if it isn’t, what are you going to do about it? How are you going to tell Daddy that it isn’t yours, that it’s somebody else’s? What’s he going to think about you then? And what about the boys at the club – what are they going to say? I guess you’re just going to have to learn to live with it. Like I said J.R., chances are it’s yours.

She turns and exits, leaving J.R. bewildered.


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