Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Don’t You Ever Threaten My Brother’

Dallas, Fallen Idol, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman

Blood is thicker than oil

In “Fallen Idol,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) enters his office to find Jeb and Willie Joe (Sandy Ward, John Ashton) waiting for him.

J.R.: Well boys, what’s got you all stirred up on a busy Monday morning?

JEB: We heard about your little brother’s shopping center. It was all over town by 9 this morning.

J.R.: [Standing behind his desk] Well you didn’t come here to talk about a shopping center.

WILLIE JOE: He’s building exactly where your daddy’s will gives you the right to drill for oil!

JEB: We share in that oil, J.R. It’s the basis to every deal we’ve made. I’m beginning to think that maybe that will is a fake.

J.R.: You calling me a liar?

WILLIE JOE: If we come up dry in the Panhandle, and Bobby builds on that red-file land, we could be out of business!

J.R.: I’ve always protected you boys. You keep this up and I’m gonna stop.

JEB: [Leaning across J.R.’s desk] If you don’t stop Bobby, I’ll stop him.

J.R.: [Drops his mail on his desk] What’s that supposed to mean?

JEB: You know damn well what it means.

J.R.: [Pauses, then slaps Jeb, sending him back on his feet] Don’t you ever threaten my brother – or any other Ewing. I told you I’d handle this. Now get out of my office! [Turns his back to Jeb and Willie Joe and stares out the window. They leave.]


  1. […] of the best moments comes during the third act, when J.R.’s underhanded cronies Jeb Ames and Willie Joe Garr show up […]

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