Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I’m the Head of this Household!’

Dallas, Home Again, Jim Davis, Jock Ewing

OK, big guy. Calm down.

In “Home Again,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) is seated in a chair in the Southfork den, where she has called Jock (Jim Davis), J.R. (Larry Hagman) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) together for an announcement.

ELLIE: This is very hard for me because you know how I love Southfork – and all of you. But I have to do what I think is right. My brother was named heir to Southfork in my daddy’s will. When he was lost at sea, your father and I declared him dead and claimed the ranch. It was right that we did that then. Now that he’s back, Garrison must have what is really his. We have to give Southfork back to him.

JOCK: [Angry, rising to his feet] What do you mean give Garrison Southfork? What kind of reasoning is that?

ELLIE: Jock, even when I thought he was dead, that day in court when we made it official, I felt I was stealing something from him.

JOCK: Miss Ellie, it was my life, my sweat and my money that saved this ranch. When Garrison ran away, he was bankrupt, the sheriff was knocking at the door.

ELLIE: Jock, I know how hard you worked – but it’s still ours by default. We have to correct that.

BOBBY: Mama, you are talking about giving up our home – a place we grew up in.

J.R.: Even if Uncle Garrison had stayed, he couldn’t have saved the ranch. I’m with Daddy. I don’t mean any disrespect, but what’s done is done, Mother.

ELLIE: What’s done can be changed. [Rising] Jock, I never told you how hurt I was when I found out that my daddy made Garrison the sole heir – but that’s the way things were done in those days: father to son. Daughters – daughters always came second. It was my daddy’s wish that Garrison have the ranch. My conscience won’t let me do differently.

J.R.: I knew he came here for some reason. He used to hang around with Digger Barnes – used to sing the same refrain, over and over again. The Ewings stole everything from them.

BOBBY: J.R., we’ve got enough problems without turning this into a Barnes-Ewing feud. Now leave it alone.

JOCK: [Raising voice] Miss Ellie! There’ll be no more talk about giving away Southfork. [Turns to leave]

ELLIE: Jock, we do need to talk about it!

JOCK: [Serious] You’re overstepping your place, Miss Ellie.

MISS ELLIE: [Screaming] My place! Just what is my place?

JOCK: It isn’t running this ranch! It isn’t running Ewings’ businesses! It isn’t saying what we keep or what we give away. I am still the head of this household – with or without your permission!

ELLIE: I’ve asked Garrison and Cathy for lunch tomorrow. Do I need your permission for that?

Jock glares at Ellie and leaves the room. Moments later, she leaves, too.


  1. […] after Garrison, the intended heir, was lost at sea. “My daddy made Garrison the sole heir,” Ellie tells Jock and her sons. “But that’s the way things were done in those days, father to son. Daughters, […]

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