Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Is That What I Am? The Marbles?’

Cliff Barnes, Dallas, For Love or Money, Ken Kercheval, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing

The biggest loser

In “For Love or Money,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Cliff (Ken Kercheval) meets Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) in a park, where he ends their relationship.

SUE ELLEN: I thought you loved me.

CLIFF: I do, I do – in my own way. It’s just that J.R. made me realize that there are things that I need – and I can’t have them and you.

SUE ELLEN: And would it be so bad just to have me?

CLIFF: Look, if it stopped me from getting them, it would, because I might not ever be able to forgive myself – or you – for what our relationship might cost me.

SUE ELLEN: And what about what it would cost me?

CLIFF: Look, I can’t explain it. J.R. just pushes certain buttons and maybe I’ve got to learn to play the other man’s game.

SUE ELLEN: So that’s what it is? Just a game?


SUE ELLEN: The winner takes the marbles and goes home? Is that what I am? Just the marbles?

CLIFF: Look, I’m sorry.

SUE ELLEN: You’re sorry? [Voice breaks] Yeah, so am I. You’ll never know how sorry.


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  3. […] as the second-season episode “For Love or Money,” when he uses one of J.R.’s own lines to break up with Sue Ellen. Cliff also emulates him when he blackmails Sly, tossing around the word “baby” […]

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