Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Married a Fighter’

Bobby Ewing, Call Girl, Dallas, Pam Ewing, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal

Winners reconciled

In “Call Girl,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Pam (Victoria Principal) is leaving her apartment, suitcase in hand, when Bobby (Patrick Duffy) arrives.

PAM: Bobby, what are you doing here?

BOBBY: It’s time to come home, Pam.

PAM: Didn’t you see the paper?

BOBBY: Yes, I saw it. So what?

PAM: I’m leaving Dallas. [Turns to walk away; he grabs her arm]

BOBBY: First Southfork, then me. Now Dallas, Pam?

PAM: I can’t live with the scandal.

BOBBY: Come on, Pam. It was a setup – and everybody knows it.

PAM: How can I go back to Southfork with this hanging over my head?

BOBBY: It’s the only thing you can do. Are you still looking for excuses to stay away from me?

PAM: I don’t want to stay away from you. I never did.

BOBBY: Then give some credit to the people that love you – to Mama, Daddy and me. Now, we know you wouldn’t be involved in something like that.

PAM: Well, how can I face them? What do I say to everybody at The Store?

BOBBY: You take it one step at a time, Pam – and the first step is to come back to the people that love you. For a while, nothing else matters.

PAM: I truly wish I could believe that. [Turns away from him]

BOBBY: Do you know I love you?

PAM: I know you love me, Bobby.

BOBBY: But you don’t know why that picture was taken, do you?

PAM: [Turns and faces him] To embarrass Maxwell.

BOBBY: Honey, if it were only to embarrass Maxwell, why were you involved in it at all?

PAM: J.R.? J.R. did that to both of us?

BOBBY: I don’t know who else – except I couldn’t prove anything.

PAM: Well that finishes it. Don’t you understand? It’s over. [Turns to walk away; he grabs her and makes her face him]

BOBBY: It’s only over if you want it to be! It’s only over if you stop fighting! Pamela, J.R. has been trying to do this to you ever since I brought you to Southfork. And if you leave now – if you run – then he wins, finally and completely. I married a fighter. Are you ready to let J.R. win? Or do we stand together and fight him? Together, we can win. And I want you with me.

PAM: I love you, Bobby.

BOBBY: Then let’s go home.

They kiss.


  1. I loved Pam but sometimes she made me mad and I do not think she was much of a fighter. The time I did not like Pam was during the latter part of Season 6 and all of Season 7, when she almost slept with Mark and when she wishy washy about returning to Bobby. I know she did not want to move back to Southfork, which was fine to Bobby but they could have lived anywhere in Dallas they did not have to move away . She was always ready to run like the above time, when she heard Bobby and Jenna were engaged and when she told Bobby to marry Jenna because he was obligated to. I felt sometimes Bobby respected his love and marriage to Pam more than she did. I also believed they were meant for each other and truly loved each other not an idealized version of each other like I see some one said in another forum, they were young. I guess they should have spent time getting to know each other more than rushing into marriage and Bobby should have found a place in Dallas for them to live and move out of Southfork. They could have very now and then go to dinner at Southfork, the show would have still worked. I think they should have fought more to be together and say damn to family and not let family influence them, when 2 people get married they become one and first their family blood or not is second.

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