Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Mama, I Remember Everything’

Dallas, Kristin Affair, Kristin Shepard, Martha Scott, Mary Crosby, Patricia Shepard

Coded language

In “The Kristin Affair,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Patricia and Kristin (Martha Scott, Mary Crosby) return to their hotel after having dinner with the Ewings at Southfork.

PATRICIA: J.R.’s such a fine man. The way he stands behind Sue Ellen. [Kristin takes Patricia’s shawl as the older woman puts her keys in her purse] Lately, that hasn’t been easy. Kristin, someday you’ll find a man like that just for yourself.

KRISTIN: I think that’s possible, Mama. Quite possible.

PATRICIA: Now, I’m going to leave tomorrow – and you’ll be entirely on your own. [Sits on the sofa, places her purse on the coffee table] I know I can trust you to remember all the things I’ve taught you, like watching for the right opportunity.

KRISTIN: Mama, I remember everything you’ve taught me. [Sits next to Patricia]

PATRICIA: So then wherever I am, I can be relaxed knowing that you’ll never do anything to harm your sister. I’m worried about Sue Ellen. Keep an eye on her, dear. Keep me informed.

KRISTIN: I don’t think she’s been succeeding too well with J.R.

PATRICIA: Sue Ellen may be a little depressed right now. That often happens after giving birth. But if it turns out she’s not entirely happy with the life J.R. has to offer –

KRISTIN: Well, above all, we want Sue Ellen to be happy.

PATRICIA: Of course, dear. We could give her all the love and support she’d need to start a new life elsewhere. I’d certainly miss having a son-in-law like J.R. [Chuckles] I’ve never met a man who enjoys the chase as much as he does. Almost more than winning.

KRISTIN: Why don’t you let me worry about J.R. Ewing?

PATRICIA: Whatever you do, Kris, it’ll be the right thing for all of us.

KRISTIN: You can trust me, Mama. I won’t let you down.

PATRICIA: I know you won’t.


  1. […] around – so much so that when Sue Ellen began to lose interest in her marriage, Patricia began grooming Kristin to replace her as the next Mrs. J.R. Ewing. Weird! Later, Patricia softened and even made […]

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