Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You’ve Got a Grandson’

Cliff Barnes, Dallas, Digger Barnes, Keenan Wynn, Ken Kercheval, Lost Child

Sad men

In “The Lost Child,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Cliff and Digger (Ken Kercheval, Keenan Wynn) walk out of the hospital after visiting Pam, who has suffered a miscarriage.

CLIFF: You feel OK?

DIGGER: A little sad.

CLIFF: About Pam?

DIGGER: And you.

CLIFF: Me? You don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine. We’re both fine.

DIGGER: I wanted a grandchild, that’s the truth of it.

They sit together on a bench.

CLIFF: You’ll have one. Pam and Bobby will probably adopt and you’ll be a grandfather before you know it.

DIGGER: That ain’t the same thing. It’s the end of the Barnes line. You’re the last one.

CLIFF: You’ll have a grandchild. Maybe he won’t look like you, but I can think of a lot worse things. [Smiles]

DIGGER: You don’t know what it’s like to grow old. When a man’s got nothing left but his children, his children’s children.

CLIFF: There’s no sense in talking about it, because it’s not gonna change anything.

DIGGER: Cliff, you ain’t got nobody. Who’s gonna be looking after you when you get old?

CLIFF: I’ll take care of myself, just like I always have.

DIGGER: Son, if a man’s not a father, he’s gonna be a child the rest of his life.

CLIFF: I don’t wanna listen to this. [Gets up, turns his back to Digger]

DIGGER: My whole life, I never got one thing I wanted, except you.

CLIFF: [Faces Digger, still standing] You’ve got a grandson. [Digger nods.] I’m telling you, you’ve got a grandson. John Ross Ewing III.

DIGGER: J.R.’s boy?

CLIFF: Not J.R.’s son. Sue Ellen and I had an affair last year. That baby’s mine.

DIGGER: Yours? And you let Jock Ewing have him, huh? Well, he ain’t gonna keep him. They’ll keep him over my dead body.

CLIFF: Daddy, please.

DIGGER: That’s my grandson. And he’s not gonna steal him like he stole everything else from me.

CLIFF: Daddy, just hold on. I’ll get him back, I promise. If he lives.

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