Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘He’ll Turn Away From Me’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Mastectomy Part 1, Miss Ellie Ewing

The face of fear

In “Mastectomy, Part 1,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Pam and Miss Ellie (Victoria Principal, Barbara Bel Geddes) discuss Ellie’s medical problem over lunch at a restaurant.

PAM: What do you do now?

ELLIE: Keep going back for regular checkups.

PAM: Well, that doesn’t sound too difficult.

ELLIE: I don’t wanna tell Jock.

PAM: Miss Ellie, why not?

ELLIE: He gets better looking as he gets older. Tall and lean. There’s not an ounce of fat on him. I admire his beauty. I know he still has an eye for a good-looking woman. How can I tell him that, that I may need a mastectomy? [Begins crying]

PAM: It’ll be all right.

ELLIE: He’ll turn away from me. I know he will.

PAM: No, he won’t.

ELLIE: I just don’t think he’ll ever be able to accept me again. And I don’t know if I’ll be able to, to face the possibility of that.

PAM: You once told me that your marriage to Jock was based on honesty. Now more than ever, you’ve got to trust your love for each other – and that honesty.

ELLIE: Well, I, I guess that’s what I wanted to do all along. [Smiles, wipes away tears] I’ll try to tell him tonight.

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