Knots Landing Scene of the Day: ‘Knots Landing’s Just a Place’

Dallas, Gary Ewing, Joan Van Ark, Knots Landing, Pilot, Ted Shackelford

The day the running stopped

In “Knots Landing’s” pilot, new residents Gary and Valene (Ted Shackelford, Joan Van Ark) walk toward their house after witnessing Sid fighting with Annie.

GARY: Come on, it’s OK. We’ll talk about it while we unpack? Uh, we are gonna unpack, aren’t we? [They stop and face each other.] Val, I’ve been running all my life. I’ve gotta stop sometime.

VAL: This place is not … we can’t…. I don’t know.

GARY: Hell, Valene. Knots Landing’s just a place. Look, I can’t run anymore. This is my last chance not to run.

They walk into the house.

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