Knots Landing Scene of the Day: ‘I’m Not Afraid of You, J.R.’

Sunny with a chance of courage

Sunny with a chance of courage

In “Knots Landing’s” first-season episode “Community Spirit,” J.R. (Larry Hagman) approaches Gary and Valene (Ted Shackelford, Joan Van Ark) on the beach, moments before Gary is supposed to speak at a rally against J.R.’s offshore drilling project.

VAL: [Slaps a coin purse in J.R.’s hands] Here.

J.R.: Well, what’s that? What is that?

VAL: A couple dollars in change.

J.R.: That’s very kind of you, Valene. What’s it for?

VAL: To call Lucy with.

J.R.: I meant what I said yesterday. [To Gary, but staring at Val] Tell your little woman not to toy with me.

GARY: We know you meant it, J.R.

VAL: Go on. Call her. Call Lucy and tell her. We were gonna tell her soon anyway. But if that’s what you have to do, do it. It’ll hurt her. And it’ll do you no worldly good at all, but we’re all strong. I mean, she’s strong. We’ll all get over it. And whatever pain it causes, it’s better than letting you have your way with us now. So go on, J.R., call Lucy.

J.R.: That’s no reason to upset the little girl.

GARY: No, especially not since Mom and Dad will come down so hard on you for it.

J.R.: Well, that’s figured in my thinking. I’ll admit it. What’s in the envelope, Gary?

GARY: Oh, a few reference notes for our debate.

J.R.: I know you found something snooping around in my office yesterday. And I know I’ve been had by that pretty girl Karen, but –

GARY: First time I’ve ever seen the beauty of being named a Ewing.

J.R.: Give me the envelope.

GARY: I’m not afraid of you, J.R. Not here.

J.R.: Well, you better be afraid for your near and dear because I’m gonna use every ounce of my power to break you, Gary. I swear it.

GARY: The surveys you did and the discovery of an alternate drilling site onshore, out of the way.

J.R.: Do you realize how much money that’s gonna cost us?

GARY: So you make 15 million the first five years instead of 20.

J.R.: That’s Ewing money. It’s your mother and your father’s.

GARY: I think they can get by on 15 million. Cut a few corners.

He begins walking away. J.R. grabs his arm and faces him.

J.R.: Gary, don’t use that survey.

GARY: I’m gonna. Nothing short of a rainout is gonna stop me. And J.R., it never rains in Southern California.


  1. This sounds like a good scene. Nice picture of Gary too!

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