Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘It’s Gonna Take Me Time, Jock’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Jim Davis, Jock Ewing, Power Play

Pillow talk

In “Power Play,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Jock and Miss Ellie (Jim Davis, Barbara Bel Geddes) are in bed as he rubs her back.

JOCK: You know, everything’s under control at the office now that Bobby’s there. Why don’t we go down to Ruidoso tomorrow and watch Punk Anderson work out his 2-year-olds? We just might spend the night at the lodge, the one with the river.

ELLIE: I don’t know, Jock.

JOCK: I can’t ever remember missing one of his annual barbecues. We’ve had some wonderful times, haven’t we, Ellie?

ELLIE: Yes, we have.

JOCK: Then you’ll go?

ELLIE: [Turns to face him] Jock, I, I don’t know if I’m up to a big social event yet.

JOCK: Doctor says you’re doing just fine.

ELLIE: There’ll be too many people. Too many questions. Probably well-meaning questions or maybe just inquiring glances. It’s gonna take me time, Jock. Please understand.

JOCK: Sure. [He kisses her hand and she turns away from him.] Good night.


  1. missiea5 says:

    I recently re-watched this episode, I think this is the only time we ever see them actually in bed together. Jim Davis has such a tough-guy look yet in his alone scenes with BBG, he projects such a sweetness that you really believe these two people are very much in love. Such chemistry!

    • I think you’re right, misslea5. Jock and Ellie didn’t have a lot of bedroom scenes. I also agree: Their chemistry was amazing. I love them both.

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