Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Owe Sam More Than That’

Dallas, Donna Culver, Jenna's Return, Ray Krebbs, Steve Kanaly, Susan Howard

Simply the best

In “Jenna’s Return,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Ray and Donna (Steve Kanaly, Susan Howard) are sitting on her living-room floor, where Ray just won another round of backgammon.

DONNA: You have to at least give me a chance to get even.

RAY: No, I don’t. You’ll have plenty chances to get even some other time. I gotta get up early tomorrow morning.

DONNA: [Moves across the floor on her knees, picks up her wine glass and takes a sip] You know, it just really beats me how a night person like me ever got entangled with a day person like you.

RAY: You ought to come out with me some morning at dawn and watch that old sun come up. I tell you, the land’s really beautiful then. Peaceful and quiet.

DONNA: I’d like that. [She begins gathering dishes from a nearby table.]

RAY: Hey. You just leave those dishes. [Sits on the sofa, pulls her onto his lap and kisses her] I love you.

DONNA: You don’t mind that we spend so much time alone, do you?

RAY: [Smiles] No, I got you all to myself that way.

DONNA: Well, it won’t be this way for much longer. It’s just I don’t want to seem like a merry widow. I owe Sam more than that. You understand, don’t you?

RAY: You’re feeling guilty about you and I.

DONNA: [Smiles] Yeah, yeah.

RAY: Well, don’t be silly.

DONNA: I know it. And I know that Sam would be the first one to approve. Because all he ever wanted what was best for me. And you are that. [Strokes his hair] The best.

They kiss.


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