Knots Landing Scene of the Day: ‘Stay, Lucy. Stay the Week.’

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Surfside summit

In “Home is For Healing,” a first-season “Knots Landing” episode, Lucy and Valene (Charlene Tilton, Joan Van Ark) are having a heart-to-heart while strolling along the beach when they spot Gary (Ted Shackelford) running toward them.

GARY: Lucy! Lucy!

LUCY: Daddy.

GARY: I don’t want you to go. No, no. Just let me say this. I know I ran away from you and Mama a lot. I was weak. I let my brother and my father drive me away, and I ran. I was a drunk and a gambler and a loser. Well, I may not be all that terrific now, but I’m not a loser anymore. I’m working. And I’m not drinking and I’m not gambling. And instead of running away from the important things, I try to run toward them. Now, I may blow them every now and then, but at least I face them and look them in the eye. [He pauses.] Now, what happened the last couple of days is that we all had plans. You and Mama were gonna be little girl and tending mother. And I was gonna be a father, capital “F.” Well, I guess we just forgot to get to know each other.

LUCY: Daddy –

GARY: I said, “no credit cards” because using your grandfather’s credit cards would screw up your values and our future as a family. What I should have said was, “Please don’t use the credit cards because it makes me feel bad.”

LUCY: Daddy, I get it.

GARY: What?

LUCY: You were right. We forgot to get to know each other.

GARY: Stay, Lucy. Stay the week.

VAL: Hey, you know what I wanna do now?

GARY: What?

VAL: I’ve dreamed of doing this since we moved in here.

LUCY: What, Mama?

VAL: Go running in the ocean with you.

LUCY: We’ve been walking in it.

VAL: No, I mean really in it. Up to your knees and running.

LUCY: It’s too cold.

VAL: Oh, no it isn’t. Watch!

She runs into the surf, tosses her shoes onto the beach.

GARY: Come on. Come on, honey. [He rolls up his pants and walks into the ocean.]

LUCY: It’s too cold.

GARY: Hey, it’s only cold for a minute. [Lucy lays her shoes on the beach, grabs Gary’s extended hand] Right!

The three join hands and run through the waves.


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