Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I’ve Got to Feel Useful Again’

Dallas, Digger Barnes, Keenan Wynn, Second Thoughts

Dead weight

In “Second Thoughts,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Pam (Victoria Principal) walks into Cliff’s bedroom and finds Digger (Keenan Wynn) packing.

PAM: Daddy, you’re really going?


PAM: Why?

DIGGER: I’m not needed here. Nothing to keep me.

PAM: Well, there’s me. And Cliff. We’re family. We need each other.

DIGGER: Oh, now come on, Pam. You’re a big girl now. You’ve got your own life to live. I’m just a dead weight. God knows, Cliff would be better off without me hanging around.

PAM: Please don’t go, Daddy. You’re not well.

DIGGER: I’m better off away from here, where I can work. Keep myself occupied.

PAM: If you want something to do, maybe I can help.

DIGGER: The subject is closed. Don’t you see, Pam? I’ve got to go. I can’t keep hanging around, and feeling used up and worn out. I mean, if I can’t work the field anymore, well, I’ve gotta find something else. Work in an office. Drive a truck, anything. But I’ve got to feel useful again.

PAM: Well, would you like a ride to the airport – or were you going to walk your way to Galveston?

DIGGER: Well, now, if you’re offering me a lift, I guess I could hardly refuse. You could give me a lift to the bus station. I don’t fly unless I really have to.

They exit.

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