Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Don’t Try and Play His Game’

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Jock's Trial Part 1, Patrick Duffy

He should know

In “Jock’s Trial, Part 1,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby and Sue Ellen (Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) chat on the Southfork patio while little John plays in his crib.

BOBBY: Sue Ellen, you’ve been spending an awful lot of time by yourself lately. Is there anything I can do?

SUE ELLEN: Oh, I don’t think so. [She looks at little John, then at Bobby.] Bobby, you don’t really believe that I’ve started drinking again, do you?

BOBBY: I don’t wanna believe it.

SUE ELLEN: I need someone on my side.

BOBBY: [Leans toward her] I am on your side. Sue Ellen, I’ve always been on your side.

SUE ELLEN: J.R. has done everything he can to put me back in that sanitarium.

BOBBY: Why? Everything’s been going so well between you two.

SUE ELLEN: No, it hasn’t. I just made it seem that way. I wanted to be the perfect wife so everyone would forget my past.

BOBBY: I don’t understand. Why all this game playing then?

SUE ELLEN: To try to get custody of little John. [She looks at the baby.]

BOBBY: What?

SUE ELLEN: Bobby, I can’t live with J.R. anymore. I want a divorce.

BOBBY: You’re telling me you’re not drinking and J.R.’s trying to make you look like a drunk?

SUE ELLEN: [Nodding, tearing up] Yes.

BOBBY: Sue Ellen, if you feel you have to leave J.R., then do it. But do it in the open. Don’t try and play his game. Honey, he’s too good at it. And don’t rush into anything.

SUE ELLEN: But what about little John?

BOBBY: Well, that’s a … that’s a choice you may have to make. You’re gonna have to take your chances.


  1. […] Trial, Part 1” also offers a terrific scene between Bobby and Sue Ellen that showcases the nice chemistry between Patrick Duffy and Linda […]

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