TNT’s Dallas Styles: Bobby’s Leather Coat

Full leather jacket

Bobby wears a brown leather coat in “The Last Hurrah,” but it’s not the same jacket he sported throughout the original “Dallas’s” 14-season run.

On the old show, Bobby rocked a snap-collared motorcross jacket that symbolized the character’s inherent coolness. The first time we see Bobby, in the first scene of “Dallas’s” first episode, “Digger’s Daughter,”he’s wearing the jacket while zooming down the highway in a red convertible with a beautiful redhead at his side. Back then, Bobby was kind of a badass; the jacket was part of that persona.

The coat Patrick Duffy wears in “The Last Hurrah” is more of a traditional western style. It drapes the actor’s broad frame, falling just past his waist. Unlike the tighter motorcross jacket from the old show, this coat is looser, reflecting Bobby’s maturity.

The new coat reminds me of the one Jim Davis wore during the original “Dallas’s” early seasons. This might not be a coincidence. Now that Bobby has succeeded Jock at the head of the Southfork dinner table, it seems possible the new coat is as much a tribute to Davis as it is to the more youthful version Duffy wore during “Dallas’s” first go round.


  1. Good observation! I never gave his coat much thought, but what I think you say is very true, how this coat is a combination of young svelt Bobby’s leather jacket and something Jock would have worn.

  2. Lady G. says:

    Wow, he does look like Jock in this picture. Great observations! Oh Sigh! Patrick looks good in anything, the ‘Man From Atlantis’ Yellow Shorts, a beard in ‘Cry for the Strangers’, Bobby’s trendy jackets and suits, Frank Lambert’s plaid shirts on ‘Step by Step,’ he’s just gorgeous.

    • Ha ha, I forgot about Frank Lambert! I’ve seen pictures of Patrick Duffy with his beard, but I’ve never seen “Cry for the Strangers.” I’ll have to check that out. One thing is certain: He always looks good.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • You can watch Cry for the strangers on Youtube or Netflix if you have it. 🙂 I loved Frank Lambert, more now than when the show first aired. I think Patrick Duffy has perfect chemistry with just about anyone he’s with. He’s simply charming and natural, and hysterically funny. You have to check out the Dolly Parton show clip with Patrick on YT. It’s hilarious. But aside from him and Victoria P, I think he and Suzanne Sommers rocked it. Made me wish he guest-starred on Three’s Company as a date for Chrissy. LOL. I Look forward to keeping up with this blog, it’s great. 😀

      • I’ll check out “Cry for the Strangers.” And I agree: Patrick Duffy is hilarious. He has great comic timing. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your feedback!

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