Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘… A Clash Between Those Two Boys’

Dallas, Jim Davis, Jock Ewing, Ray Krebbs, Steve Kanaly, Taste of Success

Father knows least

In “Taste of Success,” a fourth-season “Dallas” episode, Jock and Ray (Jim Davis, Steve Kanaly) come to a stop while riding horses.

RAY: You all right?

JOCK: Yeah, why?

RAY: You’re riding awful hard. That usually means you got something on your mind.

JOCK: You know me real good, don’t you?

RAY: Yes, sir.

JOCK: Well, it’s Bobby and J.R.

RAY: I thought Bobby was working out all right.

JOCK: Well, he is. Of course, he’s got a lot to learn. But that’s not the problem.

RAY: Well, what is the problem then?

JOCK: Well, you know J.R. likes being president. He’s about ready to go back to work, as you can see.

RAY: So?

JOCK: Gonna be a clash between those two boys. Some kind of explosion. And I’ll be damned if I know what to do about it. I just wish that there was some way that I could get those two boys together. You know, work side by side.

RAY: Well, there ain’t no way. You know that as well as I do, Jock.

JOCK: Yeah, I know, but that’s not the worst part of it. After the clash, Bobby may pull out and leave Dallas. And if that happens, well, Miss Ellie’s gonna blame me. And so help me, I, I just don’t know what to do about it. [Pauses] I’ll see you. [Takes off on his horse]


  1. Jim Davis played the part of Jock perfectly. His read of the dialogue always seemed natural, off-the-cuff, plain speaking; a tribute to his performances.
    Jock was very prescient; the clash now continues with his grandsons – for Southfork itself.

    • I agree, Dave. Since I began re-watching the show, the nicest surprise has been discovering just how good Jim Davis is in his role. He really doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He’s quite good and a wonderful match for Barbara Bel Geddes.

      Thanks for commenting!

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