Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You’re a Ewing now’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Miss Ellie Ewing, Trouble at Ewing 23

She knows

In “Trouble at Ewing 23,” a fourth-season “Dallas” episode, Ray (Steve Kanaly) finds Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) with her horse in the stable.

RAY: Miss Ellie, I’m very grateful to you.

ELLIE: Oh, Ray.

RAY: No. You accepted me into your family. That’s very important to me.

ELLIE: Ray, Jock told me about his affair with Margaret years ago. I know how fond of you he’s always been. Maybe it should have been more of a shock to me, finding out you were his son. It wasn’t. It was as if part of each of us had always known.

RAY: I want to thank you. The last thing in the world I ever wanted to do would be to hurt you or Jock.

ELLIE: I think you may need more adjusting than either of us. You’re a Ewing now. That’s a lot to take on all at once. I know.

RAY: I’ve been Ray Krebbs for too long now. I just don’t plan on changing anything. That’s why I didn’t want anybody else but the family to know about this.

ELLIE: That may not be so easy, Ray. But welcome to the family. [She kisses him.]

RAY: Thank you.


  1. Sweet! I can’t wait to get to the episodes when Ray finds out the truth. I just got into Season 4 last night, so I’m still on the 2nd part of the 1st ep. J.R is still hospitalized.

  2. Barbara Fan says:

    It is a lovely scene and Steve and Barbara always worked well together, she looks so healthy in this episode – but as you say its quality declines at the end!!
    Continue to enjoy all your reviews x

  3. okay, the look on everyone’s faces was priceless when Jock made his announcement. The show didn’t want to refer to it anymore, but I could imagine Lucy running off to hurl. LOL!

    Bobby is so caught up in his business he’s just like, okay, another brother, cool. And J.R makes me laugh the way he wants to bring everybody down. He thought Gary was a thorn in his side, now he has another brother actually living on the ranch. Donna is getting on my nerves, but at least she’s up front about things, which is more than you can say for Sue Ellen and even Pam. But I see Pam is becoming more assertive with Bobby since he barely gives her the time of day anymore.

    • I love how the brothers responded to the announcement about Ray. And you’re right: Poor Lucy!

    • Dan in WI says:

      There is a big difference in Ellie’s reaction between The Fouth Son and this episode. When Jock makes the announcement Ellie looks supremely upset and even resentful. Now here she seems very warm and welcoming.
      Now I’ve never been confronted with kind news so there is no way I can relate. I just am troubled by the Jekyl and Hyde way this was played.


  1. […] mature. This makes sense. Ellie and Ray did become “mother” and “son” as adults, and as she once pointed out, neither was born with the Ewing […]

  2. […] episode starts off strongly when Ray runs into Miss Ellie in the stable, where he thanks her for welcoming him into the family. Ellie is gracious, but she also expresses […]

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