Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You Are My Mother’

Mama remembers

Mama remembers

In “Dallas’s” fourth-season episode “The Prodigal Mother,” Rebecca (Priscilla Pointer) approaches Pam (Victoria Principal) outside The Store and asks to walk with her.

REBECCA: Years ago, I closed a door in my mind. I sealed off a part of my life. And I thought it would be sealed off forever. It almost was. I led a comfortable life, happily married to a man that I adore. Then you phoned, making a crack in that seal I thought was so strong. We met. And the crack became larger. And then I saw you and your brother. Both of you together. And I couldn’t. [They sit on a bench.] The whole thing, the whole secret, sealed place broke open. And the past came rushing back. Digger Barnes. Hutch McKinney. And the awful, awful pain of having to abandon my own flesh and blood.

PAM: You are my mother.

REBECCA: Yes, I am.

Pam grabs Rebecca’s hand.

REBECCA: And although you haven’t known me, the newspapers have made it impossible for me to ignore you or Cliff. You can’t imagine the unhappiness of seeing one’s own children and not being able to talk to them.

PAM: That’s what I don’t understand. Why couldn’t you?

REBECCA: [Tears begin streaming down her face] My husband has no idea that I was married. Or that I have two children. He knows nothing about Hutch McKinney. He is not a well man. I think if he found out now, the shock would devastate him.

PAM: Why didn’t you tell him before?

REBECCA: I never divorced Digger. I was afraid that if I tried, he’d find me, and drag me back to that awful life. [Voice begins cracking] Pamela, I saw a chance for happiness, and I took it. Don’t blame me for that.

PAM: Do you mean that now that I’ve found you, we can’t see each other?

REBECCA: [Shakes her head no] I wanted to talk to your brother too. [Voice cracks] I don’t think I could go through this again.

PAM: Well, it’s probably best if you don’t.

REBECCA: Pamela, try to understand. To lose one family in a lifetime is horrible. To lose a second….

PAM: I’m sorry. [Touches Rebecca’s face] Oh, I’m sorry.


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