Dallas Styles: Purple!

It’s a family thing

Pam is the focus of “Executive Wife,” and in all her scenes, she wears purple. It starts off subtly – in Victoria Principal’s first appearance in this episode, Pam sports a purple belt with a blue pantsuit – but the color becomes more prominent as the story progresses.

Perhaps the purple suggests Pam is emotionally bruised after being rejected by Rebecca in the previous episode, “The Prodigal Mother.” Or maybe it signifies Pam’s romantic state: If purple is produced by blending red with blue, then isn’t it the ideal pigmentation to represent Pam’s heart-versus-head struggle to resist Alex Ward’s temptation in this episode?

The color is frequently seen on other characters during “Dallas’s” fourth season, but “Executive Wife” might be the show’s purplest episode of all. In addition to seeing it on Pam, Sue Ellen wears a purple floral print dress when J.R. takes her ring shopping; Donna wears a purple dress when she and Cliff run into J.R. and Sue Ellen during their shopping spree; and Bobby’s secretary Connie sports a pinkish-purple blouse in “Executive Wife’s” first act.

As if that wasn’t enough, when Mitch and Lucy announce their engagement to the Ewings, she wears a purple dress, while he sports a purple necktie. In Mitch’s case, the color is particularly appropriate. After all, if he survives his entry into the family Ewing, he may well qualify for a purple heart.


  1. Lady G. says:

    Very nice observations! I like the reference to Pam being ‘bruised’ by everything in her life and her mother. Purple is the color of Royalty, so that would definitely fit in with the Ewings, and by Mitch wearing the tie it shows he’s about to become part of them. I also read that Purple is the color of good judgement and gives peace of mind. Well, good judgement in the Ewing family is not a strong trait! LOL. Violet is also a color of purpose and everyone in that family is looking for a purpose.

  2. I’m crazy about colours and especially love purple, which I really like wearing myself… 😉 So I enjoyed reading your comments on this, Chris and Lady G.
    I remember Leslie Stewart wore a lot of purple too…

    • Purple was everywhere during “Dallas’s” fourth season — and Leslie was the purple queen. I like the color too. Thanks again for your comments!


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