Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘All Our Men Are Ambitious’

Fit for a queen

Fit for a queen

In “Dallas’s” fourth-season episode “End of the Road, Part 1,” the Ewing women – Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes), Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) and Pam (Victoria Principal) – chat with Lucy (Charlene Tilton) in her bedroom, where a tailor pins her wedding gown.

ELLIE: That dress has been waiting a long time for you. My daddy had a woman come all the way from Paris with the material for it – and money was hard for him to come by in those days. But he was very determined to show all those oilmen that a Southworth wouldn’t be put to shame.

LUCY: What about Granddaddy?

ELLIE: He was something. All decked out in formal clothes. He would’ve felt better in boots and jeans. He kept tugging at his collar, trying to breathe. [Chuckles] He was the handsomest man I’d ever seen. Still is.

SUE ELLEN: I believe my wedding day was the most wonderful day of my life. All those bridesmaids, all those ushers – and hundreds and hundreds of people. I can close my eyes and still think that I’m reliving it, all over again.

PAM: Well, ours was a different setting. A justice of the peace in New Orleans city hall. We were both scared to death. Bobby Ewing marrying Digger Barnes’ daughter.

ELLIE: Well, when I was first married, my daddy didn’t like Jock any better than Digger did. There comes a time when you have to let your family know who really has the last word in suitable husbands.

LUCY: Is that really true, Grandma?

ELLIE: Well, we’d all like to think so, anyway.

LUCY: I don’t know. Mitch is so darn stubborn. All he ever thinks about is going to medical school and studying.

SUE ELLEN: Well, Lucy, you should consider yourself very lucky. Ambition is a fine quality to have in a man. Isn’t it, Pamela?

PAM: I suppose so, if the ambition doesn’t become an obsession.

ELLIE: Well, I’m not sure I would have loved Jock as much if he’d been different. All our men are ambitious.

LUCY: Except for my daddy, and he’s doing just fine.

ELLIE: That’s true, Lucy. But Gary has other qualities that make him special. Very special.


  1. […] was so memorably played by Barbara Bel Geddes lookalike Molly Hagan), but we did get to hear Ellie describe the nuptials on the original series, explaining how her daddy hired a Parisian seamstress to make Ellie’s […]

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