TNT’s Dallas Styles: John Ross’s Vests

Go vest, young man

During the old “Dallas’s” early years, J.R. often wore vests, symbolizing how he was no one-dimensional villain: The extra layer under his suit jackets reflected his multi-layered personality.

On TNT’s “Dallas,” John Ross wears vests too, but his look seems to carry a different meaning.

Josh Henderson’s character is still coming into his own as an oil baron, which his vests signify. Despite his ambition, he isn’t quite ready for full business suits.

Consider the final scene in “Revelations,” the first season-ending cliffhanger, when a vest-clad John Ross turns to his daddy and says, “You start teaching me the oil business – and you start teaching me every dirty trick that you know.”

Will John Ross be a quick study? And once he learns J.R.’s tricks, will he suit up?

Tune in next season.

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