Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Never Cross Daddy’

Gruff daddy

Gruff daddy

In “Dallas’s” fourth-season episode “The Quest,” Miss Ellie vows to stop the Takapa Lake development project and exits the Southfork dining room, leaving Jock (Jim Davis), J.R. (Larry Hagman) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) at the table.

BOBBY: Daddy? Daddy?

JOCK: [Looks up from his newspaper] What?

BOBBY: Don’t you think you should tell Mama you’re one of the Takapa developers?

JOCK: Look, Bobby, I run my business, and I decide when and where I’ll tell anyone about it. You understand?

Ray (Steve Kanaly) enters.

RAY: Morning. I don’t mean to rush you, Jock, but you were supposed to meet those builders over there at 10 o’clock.

JOCK: Well, you’re not rushing me, Ray. [Rises] I got nothing to say more here, anyway.

BOBBY: Daddy, I mean it. I think you should tell her.

JOCK: Are you telling me what I gotta do these days, Bobby?

BOBBY: No, sir. No, I’m not. I just think it’s fair that she knows, that’s all.

JOCK: [Crosses his arms] Well, how can a man be fair when his own wife barely speaks to him? You tend to your politics, Bobby, or whatever it is these days. Ray and I’ll take care of Takapa. You understand? Ready, Ray?

RAY: All set, Jock.

Jock and Ray leave.

J.R.: Bobby, I thought you learned something when you were a young boy. I guess I was wrong.

BOBBY: Learned what?

J.R.: Never cross Daddy when it comes to business. Never.


  1. Great scene. I was thinking the other day that the Oil business and everything else was never right for Bobby, no matter how good he was at it. So glad he became the head of the SouthFork ranch by now. In the early seasons he really liked it and then he went on a slow and steady decline when he joined Ewing Oil. He lost a whole lot.

    • I agree, although I wonder if we might see him return to the business world in Season 2 of the TNT series. Christopher, John Ross and Elena did give him the first share of Ewing Energies, right? Someone is going to need to step in and keep those three from going to war with each other. Who better than Bobby?

      • That’s true! There’s no one better. Bobby is the sweetheart, the tender white-Knight, but he’s tougher than nails! Especially now that he looked death in the eye and spat at it twice!

  2. I liked it better when Bobby was running the ranch, not that he was not capable of running Ewing Oil well but it turned him into a slightly different person – more serious and less fun. Bobby when running Ewing oil or part owner made him always want to prove to himself and to Jock that he is just as good as JR or even better which was not a always a good thing. Bobby running the ranch which he loved was freedom no proving himself or competing for his father’s approval and he seem more at ease to me Bobby seemed sexier as a rancher than a business man..

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