Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘It’s Not Our Fight’

How he met their mother

How he met their mother

In “Dallas’s” fifth-season episode “Showdown at San Angelo,” Clayton (Howard Keel) approaches Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes), who is playing with John Ross (Tyler Banks) outside the Southern Cross ranch house.

CLAYTON: Mrs. Ewing? Clayton Farlow. [They shake hands.] Not the best of circumstances to meet under.

ELLIE: That’s unfortunately true.

CLAYTON: I can understand how you and Mr. Ewing miss the boy. Since he’s been here, he’s brought a lot of joy to me.

ELLIE: My husband feels he belongs at Southfork. He’s a Ewing.

CLAYTON: [Chuckles] That he is. But what my son wants is just as important to me as what J.R. wants is to you. And he wants Sue Ellen and John Ross here. The boy belongs with his mother.

ELLIE: My husband usually gets what he wants.

CLAYTON: He’s not in Ewing country now. And what happens is between Steven and J.R. It’s not our fight.


  1. I adored how the relationship between Miss Ellie and Clayton grew from friendship into a real solid love story. So glad they kept him on as a character.


  1. […] when J.R. and Miss Ellie visit the Southern Cross to see John Ross. (This also marks the first time Ellie meets Clayton, who will eventually become her second husband.) It turns out J.R. is only using Ellie as a Trojan […]

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