Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You Do Like to Get Down in the Dirt’

American gladiators

American gladiators

In “Dallas’s” fifth-season episode “The Split,” a helicopter lands on the football field at the Cotton Bowl. Dusty (Jared Martin) exits and walks toward J.R. (Larry Hagman).

DUSTY: Ewing.

J.R.: Well, that was a very impressive entrance. You looking to see if I had any troops stationed outside?

DUSTY: I didn’t come here to play games, Ewing. What is it you wanted?

J.R.: Well, we got almost 72,000 empty seats there. [Motioning toward Dusty’s cane] You sure you wouldn’t like to sit down?

DUSTY: Look, why don’t we just get on with it, huh?

J.R.: All right. I suppose you think I came here to ask you to give me my boy back.

DUSTY: Yeah, that had occurred to me. So don’t even bother.

J.R.: Well, actually, I came here to do you a service.

DUSTY: Really?

J.R.: Ever since I found out about your … your problem – at the trial – well, I’ve been thinking about you.

DUSTY: I don’t know why you should think about me at all. Except for the fact that your wife is living with me.

J.R.: Well, in a sense, I suppose that’s true – technically. But how long she’s going to be living with you under the circumstances, I wouldn’t make a hazard to guess.

DUSTY: [Smiles] You do like to get down in the dirt, don’t you?

J.R.: I find it advantageous at times, yes.

DUSTY: All right, let’s get this over with.

J.R.: All right. My wife – and she is still my wife – is a lady of very tempestuous moods. Mostly sexual. Now I can give you a rundown of the names of her lovers if you’re really interested but –

DUSTY: No, not at all.

J.R.: There is a point here. I don’t want to be so crude as to call her a nymphomaniac, but all while she and I were enjoying a very healthy relationship, she was out looking for more elsewhere.

DUSTY: [Walks toward J.R., stands close to him] You are a disgusting man, Ewing. You think I don’t realize what kind of cheap trick you’re pulling here?

J.R.: Maybe a trick. But it’s certainly the truth. Hasn’t it occurred to you? Now surely you remember how she was before your accident. My bet is that you could hardly keep her out of bed. [Dusty backhands him] How long do you think she’s going to stay with a sexual washout? Hell, she can’t go without it forever. [Dusty turns and begins walking way; as J.R. continues speaking, he steadily raises his voice.] Maybe she won’t have to. I’ve seen your daddy. Maybe she’s staying with you because she’s not going without it. There’s only one person who’s man enough to keep that lady happy and on the Southern Cross. [Shouting] And that sure as hell ain’t you. [Chuckles as Dusty stops and looks down.]


  1. I LOVE this scene. I still remember seeing it for the first time. LOL It was so shocking to watch…quintessential JR! I think that this scene would still make people say, ‘Oh my gawd!!! he did not actually just say that to that man!’…..even if was airing for the first time on a current show.

    The writers must have loved writing this scene.

    You know I read an interview with one of the current writers on Dallas. She said that after watching the old show and discussing the characters in exhausting detail that they all had to admit that they totally love JR…..not love to hate…but truly love him. I am really looking forward to the new season. I am dieing to see the scenes with JR, SE, and Gary and Val. Interesting to see what is in store but also to see all those actors working that dialogue together. Can’t believe it is still nearly 3 months away.

    I am glad you have been going back thru the old episodes. It is nice to get a refresher…love the scene of the day and the photos.

    • I love this scene too. It’s so theatrical! I think I know the interview you’re referring to, and I know how the writer feels: I love J.R. too!

      Thank you for your kind words about my site and for leaving a comment. I appreciate it.


  2. You know, it hit me tonight as I read your Bobby/Miss Ellie parallel post….thanks to all of you recapping of the original Dallas….it is abundantly clear to me just how much homage the new show pays to the original. At times it is clear and obvious and other times it is more subtle. There really were continual nods to the original. Sometimes it was storylines, sometimes it was just visuals, sometimes it was scene settings etc. I think it is rather cool that the current team put those nice touches …it makes me appreciate their efforts even more!

  3. Dan in WI says:

    Texas Stadium vs. the Cotton Bowl.
    Texas Stadium says Dallas in my mind more than the Cotton Bowl. And who knows it might have been the first choice for the scene and maybe it wasn’t available/the price was too high. On the other hand I doubt they would have been able to land a helicopter on the 50 at Texas Stadium. It’s a lot less open. I like the chopper so the Cotton Bowl works just fine in my book.


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