Goodbye, Larry Hagman

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman


Larry Hagman has died. Share your memories of him in the comments section below. I’ll share mine soon.


  1. Larry Was a larger than life character, a true legend, and unforgettable as JR Ewing. He will Live forever as ol’ JR . RIP

  2. barbara fan says:

    Larry Hagman was a legend and was the biggest TV star of the 80s
    This is such a sad day for Dallas fans
    RIP Larry Hagman
    He was the undisputed star of TNTs Dallas – no one else came close in terms of charisma, and he stole every scene
    Im shocked and saddened as I thought he was getting better
    I hope Momma / BBG is looking out for him – just dont see how Dallas can continue without him

    • BF, I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week. It’s comforting to think J.R. is with his mama and daddy in that big ranch in the sky. And you’re right: It’s hard to imagine there being a “Dallas” without him.

      Thanks for contributing to this tribute page. I appreciate it.


  3. Since I’m not a life-long Dallas fan, and I’ve only come to appreciate Larry Hagman recently. His importance to Dallas is unmistakable. He makes the most of every scene. Although J.R. was scorned, from what I’ve read, in real life Larry was beloved. My thoughts are with his friends, family and fans.

  4. As sad farewell to an incredibly charismatic and gifted actor who created the most enduring icon of popular culture. JR Ewing remains for me the most captivating of all tv characters and Hagman’s performance was always thrilling. Right until the end he had a magnetic screen presence that few actors can generate. Today marks the passing of a wonderful actor and the end of a cultural phenomenon. So long, Larry, and thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent.

    • Beautifully stated, Vance. You’re so right. We didn’t just lose a beloved actor. This really does feel like the end of a cultural phenomenon. It’s hard to imagine anyone capturing the public’s imagination the way Larry Hagman did with his portrayal of J.R.

      Thanks for contributing.


  5. I had never known the dark brilliance of the J.R Ewing character until this year. Up until then Larry Hagman was always the adorable and put upon Major Tony Nelson. In my mind he still is, but I know his real legacy is Dallas. And that legacy is well deserved. Thanks to wonderful websites like this, his legacy is also preserved. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. He will always be larger than life, for as long as fans remember him.

  6. Oh, that’s really sad! Such a great actor. Obviously he made J.R. one of the most memorable characters ever. What I loved most about watching J.R. was how he could make an insult sound completely innocent, while turning an innocent comment into an insult! Very charming. I feel a little worried for TNT.

    • “[H]e could make an insult sound completely innocent, while turning an innocent comment into an insult!” I love the way you phrased that! Beautifully stated and so very true.

      Thanks for contributing. I appreciate it.


  7. I am so shocked. There will never be another J.R. He was a great actor who you loved and hated at the same time. Dallas was a part of our family. We were avid watchers. I feel like we have lost a member of our family. This is a very sad day for me for many reasons.

    • Thanks Mom. This really has felt like the loss of one of our own. I cherish our memories of watching “Dallas” together. An odd family tradition, perhaps, but we sure enjoyed it.

  8. Pablo Jose Clarke says:

    I got into Dallas not long ago, but it was enough for me to acknowledge what a great actor he was. He was the reason I loved Dallas from the first episode I watched. He is with God now, teaching him the oil business. RIP J.R, you will be truly missed.

  9. Diego Ortega says:

    I´m really devastated for Larry´s passing. I have followed him since I was a little boy, first on I Dream of Jeannie and then on Dallas. He was really a prolific actor and a wonderful human being. I feel that part of my life has gone too

    • Diego, I started watching Hagman when I was a kid too. Like you, I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself. What a great loss.

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.


  10. Margaret Krebbs says:

    Thank you, Larry Hagman, for everything you’ve done to make the world a better place,
    both on screen and off.

    Thank you Chris B. for writing this blog and keeping Dallas and the memory of Larry Hagman’s JR Ewing fresh and alive for others to enjoy and discover.

  11. Every day in the morning, the first thing I do is read the news online. I was shocked to read about Larry’s death. I’m devastated. I never have idols in my life, but Larry acting as JR made ​​me have one. I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had farm in the interior of Brazil. Never heard of it until the news talk about. My condolences to Hagman’s family, friends and fans around the world. Never drank bourbon before and yesterday I bought a bottle. Here, we drink more Scotch. I did not know why, the reason i bought bourbon, but knowing larry’s death, everything became clear to me. I drank in his honor, to JR character who always drank bourbon in Dallas.. RIP Larry, thanks for everything, for Dallas series, for being a great actor, best villain ever. Fica com Deus, Larry! Obrigado.

    • Claudio, thank you so much for sharing your comments. I didn’t know Hagman had a farm in Brazil! I’m also surprised his death was reported in the news there. It makes me appreciate the impact he had around the world. I love that you drank bourbon in his honor. That’s very touching. I bet Hagman’s family and friends would find it touching too.

      Thank you again.


  12. Kyle Willson says:

    I’m sad…There are very few actors/actresses that have had an impact on my actual life…I’ve been truly saddened by the passing of a few of these people..John Ritter, Christopher Reeve and now Larry. His character for me can be summed up in two ways…the larger than life and always wickedly entertaining J.R. F’ing Ewing (of course), and HIS character. Larry. The guy whose charisma catapulted him to stardom, not once, but twice as two COMPLETELY different characters..the guy who went to bat for his co-stars and used his cunning, creativity, balls and brilliance to help bring a show to the top of the tops….and he had just stepped back into that spotlight….Dammit…I feel sorry for his family and close friends because if this is how I feel, never meeting the man, I can’t imagine how they must be feeling this huge loss.
    I’ve hung his portrait above my desk at work, hokey, maybe..but what the hell…he was important to me.
    Bye Tony, Bye J.R., Good-Bye Larry. Give the Big Guy a bourbon and branch for me.

    • Beautiful tribute, Kyle. I love what you said and how you said it. It sounds like Hagman meant a lot to you too.

      You’ve also inspired me: At my first job, I hung a little picture of J.R. at my desk. I think I’ll go find it hang it again.



      • Kyle Willson says:

        That’s awesome Chris, and thank-you for the kind words…I’d like to think, or at least hope that Larry popped on to your site at least once or twice to see how much he was loved and how much fine work you’ve put in to this tribute/fan site.

      • Wow, what a cool thought. Thanks so much Kyle.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Goodbye and god bless to larry hagman you were the best no one will ever play a baddie quite like you did Dallas just won’t be the same without you love Sarah x

  14. Good night and god bless Larry Hagman not will ever play baddie as good as you Dallas just won’t be the same

  15. Hi. I know its a bit late but have only just found this site. I was mortified when Larry Hagman passed away. Such a sad time for his family and friends my thoughts and prayers are with them.

    I am a British viewer and watched almost every single episode of Dallas the first time round, needless to say when they repeated the episodes from the begining again on satellite CBS Drama I had to watch them again, unfortunately my sky box will only hold so much so will have to think about obtaining the dvd sets. I have to say for some reason I missed the movies but will look for the dvds for them if they are on sale.

    Just as a piece of trivia, I gave birth to my second daughter at 7.55pm Wednesday 20th January 1998, in the day room next to my delivery room they had the tv on and as Becci was born she made her entrance to the opening titles of Dallas. That has been one of our favourite memories, she even asked me why I didnt call her Dallas (my husband wouldnt allow it). May 2013 be a great year for everyone X

    • What a terrific story about your daughter’s birth! Thank you for sharing it. You sound like a true fan. I agree Larry Hagman’s death is very sad but I’m hopeful the new “Dallas” will honor his legacy.

      Thank you again for commenting!

      Chris B.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are welcome. I am recording the new Dallas and havent seen any of them yet as I am trying to get through the rest of the Earlier Dallas then I can watch the “new” Dallas from the begining I am up to episode 333 at the moment. Cant wait to see the new ones. Have you any idea when they 2nd series will be shown in the UK? I dont want to miss it. Even if I record to watch later.

      • Yes, the next round of new “Dallas” episodes will begin airing on Monday, January 28, on TNT in the United States and Tuesday, January 29, on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. Set your DVR!

  16. I loved the episode where J R and the rest rigged the bidding on a lease that the half brothers owned. Such a righteous move against todays all for one socialist bent we were warned about since the 1926 July Atlantic about Russian sex and marriage to be dealt with as enemies of the state. Today of course the Atlantic disses this country instead.


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