Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Good Luck, Ray’

Used and abused

Used and abused

In “Dallas’s” fifth-season episode “The Maelstrom,” Ray (Steve Kanaly) approaches Bonnie (Lindsay Bloom) at the Longview bar, then leads her to a booth where they sit across from each other.

RAY: I want to straighten a few things out.

BONNIE: Is that middleweight waiting outside?

RAY: Look, I’m sorry about what happened. Honest.

BONNIE: You’re sorry? My jaw is still sore. [Begins to leave]

RAY: Bonnie, let me explain something … about me. I’ve been feeling real down. I still can’t understand all the reasons myself. Let’s just say there were some things in my life I just couldn’t handle. So I figured I’d better get back to where I belong.

BONNIE: With crazy broads like me?

RAY: No, you’re a good person, Bonnie. But you were –

BONNIE: Available?

RAY: Yeah. Bonnie, I tell you. If I can make it work out with Donna, the truth is –

BONNIE: That’s where it’s at for you?

RAY: That’s right. I feel terrible about using our – about using you. It was wrong. I know it.

BONNIE: Listen. You’re wife isn’t one of my favorite people. You understand? But if it can work for you, for keeps … [smiles] then you can’t beat it.

RAY: You mean that, don’t you?

BONNIE: [Leans back] Come on. You don’t think I know the difference between this and something real? What is all this? Musical beds. One-night stands. It adds up to nothing. [Raises her glass] So, here’s hoping you can make it work. Good luck, Ray.

RAY: Thank you, Bonnie. [Reaches across the table, touches her arm]


  1. Margaret Krebbs says:

    That Bonnie is real class.


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