The Dallas Decoder Quiz: First-Season Follies

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Patrick Duffy, TNT

Yes, we’re sure

TNT’s “Dallas” will begin its second season on Monday, January 28. Take this quiz to refresh your memory of Season 1. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Which threesome controls the Southfork mineral rights?

a) J.R., Bobby and Gary

b) J.R., Bobby and Ray

c) John Ross, Christopher and Lucy

d) Jack, Janet and Chrissy

2. Which foursome owns Ewing Energies?

a) J.R., Bobby, John Ross and Christopher

b) Bobby, John Ross, Christopher and Elena

c) John Ross, Christopher, Elena and Cliff

d) John Ross, Christopher, Elena and Rebecca

3. Ann secretly recorded ex-husband Harris Ryland confessing to …

a) Counterfeiting

b) Money laundering

c) Murder

d) His commitment to a sanitarium in the early 1990s

Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, TNT

Wake up call

4. Christopher was shocked when he answered Tommy’s phone and heard whose voice?

a) John Ross

b) Cliff Barnes

c) Frank Ashkani, Cliff’s henchman

d) Becky Sutter, Tommy’s real sister

5. Christopher’s alternative energy technology relies on what natural resource?

a) Methane hydrate

b) Solar power

c) Wind power

d) Linda Gray’s fountain of youth

6. What did Bobby toss in the fireplace?

a) Ann’s locket

b) The Southfork deed

c) The envelope that Harris gave him

d) The painting hanging above it

7. What did Bobby tell Vicente Cano when he visited Southfork?

a) “Get the hell out of my house!”

b) “Help me put the living room and dining room back where they belong!”

c) “Help me birth this calf!”

d) “Wipe your feet!”

Dallas, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Rebecca Sutter Ewing, TNT

Daughter of the Alamo

8. Who is Rebecca’s father?

a) Harris Ryland

b) Carlos del Sol

c) Cliff Barnes

d) Tommy’s Uncle Fred

9. What was the real name of the woman who impersonated Marta del Sol?

a) Andrea Barrett

b) Verna Ellers

c) Veronica Martinez

d) Ben Stivers

10. Why did Marta descend from the high-rise balcony?

a) She thought it would be faster than taking the elevator.

b) She jumped.

c) She was pushed by Vicente’s henchmen.

d) She was spooked by Julie Gray’s ghost.

11. Before he died, Elena’s father worked in what industry?

a) Oil

b) Ranching

c) Trucking

d) Cosmetics

Dallas, Elena Ramos, Jordana Brewster, TNT

Debt in the family

12. Who loaned Elena the money to buy the Henderson oil leases?

a) Harris Ryland

b) Vicente Cano

c) Franklin Horner

d) Sue Ellen

13. Who is Clyde Marshall?

a) J.R.’s lawyer

b) Bobby’s lawyer

c) John Ross’s private eye

d) The Dallas County sheriff

14. What is the name of the medical examiner that Sue Ellen blackmailed?

a) Dr. Bruce Rasmussen

b) Dr. Varun Rasmussen

c) Dr. Peyton Hayslip

d) Dr. Mitchell Ackerman

15. What is the full name of Patrick Duffy’s character?

a) Bobby James Ewing – and don’t let anyone tell you differently

Answers: 1) a. 2) b. 3) b. 4) d. 5) a. 6) c. 7) a. 8) c. 9) c. 10) c. 11) a. 12) d. 13) c. 14) b. 15) a.

How did you do? Share your score below and read more features from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Great quiz! I didn’t too bad. 🙂 I’m curious, why someone would reject that Bobby’s full name is ‘Bobby James’ it was clearly stated a few times in the old series. lol

    • There has been some inconsistency between the old and new series over whether Bobby’s first name is, in fact, “Bobby,” or if it’s actually “Robert”.

      • As far as I know, he was called “Robert James” just once on the original series (the second-season episode “Survival”). In all other references, he was “Bobby James.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s his real name! Don’t know why he keeps answering to “Robert” on the new show. The poor chap must be confused.

      • Most people who go by Bobby, their real name is Robert. My brother’s name is Robert, but he always goes by Bobby. In fact I was a teenager before I even knew his actual name was Robert.

    • It was the very first line of the very first episode! (Pam: “Bobby James Ewing, I don’t believe you!”) He was referred to as “Robert James” in one second-season episode (“Survival”), but I’m pretty sure all subsequent references were to “Bobby James,” not “Robert James.” Patrick Duffy joked recently that he felt silly playing a sixtysomething character named “Bobby,” so perhaps he pushed for the change to “Robert”? Whatever the case, here’s hoping the show changes it back. … And this concludes my rant.

      • Well, realistically it would probably be more likely that his birth name is Robert, and that Bobby is a nickname that stuck with him since he was really young and so that’s what he’s always been called. I recall during the Dream Season they showed an old tree house Jock built for Bobby as a kid, and it had “B.J. Ewing” on it, which would be another nickname, but I don’t think anyone ever called him that on the show. But names like Bobby aren’t common as “real” names, although it does happen. I have an uncle whose birth name is Tommy, not Tom or Thomas, and @ sixty-something that is what we still call him. I also knew one Ricky, that was not short for Richard. But with the Ewings I would assume its just like Gary, whom no one ever called Garrison, although that’s his real name.

        Anyway, as far as continuity problems with the new show, that’s the least of my concerns (and I have several). I still can’t believe J. R. Ewing would ever end up sitting alone in a nursing home, while Cliff Barnes was out becoming a multibillionaire. But that’s a whole other topic…

      • I always thought “Bobby James” was his given name. Naming a child “Bobby” instead of “Robert” feels like a Texas thing to do. Not that I’m an expert on Texans.

        And even though I have lots of other continuity issues with the new show, I don’t object all that much to J.R.’s stint in a nursing home. He showed depressive tendencies during the original show (after Jock’s death and in the next-to-last episode). And with J.R. out of the picture, I can kinda sorta see how Cliff might become successful, although having him become one of the world’s wealthiest men is a bit much.

      • I prefer Robert James, as the Initial’s R.J are the opposite of J.R ‘s. Thus the characters are opposite and always in opposition.

      • That’s occurred to me as well, Paul. I’ve also heard Patrick Duffy make a similar point in TV interviews, but “Bobby James” is so well established as the character’s name. This is one bit of rewriting that irks me.

  2. Lol…when I get all the questions right on a speed read quiz….might be a sign I am too obsessed with this show? Lol… the answer D for question 5.

  3. The only one’s that that I didn’t know off the top of my head were #13 and #14.

  4. Thanks a lot for this quiz, especially the fun answers. 😄 Boy, if that thing about Ryland having been in the mental asylum ever came out…

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  6. RE: J.R. in the nursing home-sure, we saw him getting drunk and depressed after Jock died, until Bobby snapped him out of it, but that was a major irreversible event. What happened to him @ the end of the first series was just some big business set-backs. He may have gotten drunk that night, but I believe he would slept it off, and got right back to work devising a new plan to comeback.

    Look what happened when the Justice Dept. took Ewing Oil away from him and sold it to Jeremy Wendell. Right @ the beginning of the next season, J.R. was looking to build his own new oil company. And when he found that it would be hard to do business in Texas now, because of his reputation, he simply hired a proxy to make deals for him. And then he devised a plan to takeover Westar, and when that fell through he found a way to blackmail Wendell to get the old Ewing Oil assets back. THAT is the real J.R. Ewing. The man who always has a plan, and is a step ahead of everyone else. That’s why I loved the movie “J.R. Returns,” it showed that J.R. went to Paris for 5 years to regroup and then came back to Dallas to retake his empire, and everything worked out just according to his plan.

    So I was not happy that the new show ignored the events of the TV movies (“War of The Ewings” was kinda bland, but @ least it didn’t screw up anything), but even with that, I still wouldn’t have a problem if they’d come up with a decent storyline for what he’d been up to during the years between the end of the old series and the new one. I can’t see him sitting back and letting the world go on without him, especially seeing Cliff’s rise. I don’t really have a problem with the idea of Cliff becoming a billionaire on his own, if we accept where he was @ the end of the show, that he’d finally beaten J.R. and now had no more battles to fight. His weakness had always been that he was too obsessed with his desire to beat J.R. and that’s what held him back. So, without that, he could finally succeed. But I think his success would have been even more of a motivator for J.R. to succeed as well. So I don’t like that they built up Cliff @ the expense of J.R.

    And I’m still not sure what Cliff’s motivation is in this new series. Why he would use his own daughter to get back @ the Ewings, somehow. So far, it makes no sense to me. But I’ll guess we’ll see how that’s explained in season 2.

    • J.R., I’m with you. Given Cliff’s power and wealth, why is he still obsessed with the Ewings? I hope we get our answer in Season 2.

      Thanks for your good comments! You always give me something new to think about. I appreciate your feedback.


      • I like having somewhere online to talk about Dallas. The FB page is too crowded, and I’ve looked over the forums on Ultimate Dallas, but some of those folks go a little overboard, and just complain about everything, I don’t like those types of fans.

  7. Excellent Quiz! I should keep this information handy for next week. Hopefully some friends of mine will watch the show and I can fill them in on everything. To have the “facts” (I know it is a made up show) handy to help people understand the story line better.

  8. Garnet McGee says:

    Didn’t know this was posted. I made a 100. Season 1 quiz much easier than Season 2.


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