Dallas Burning Questions: Season 2, Week 5

Another fine mess

Another fine mess

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Blame Game,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode.

• Will Ann go to prison? In “Trial and Error,” last week’s episode, Ann (Brenda Strong) proved she shot Harris and went on trial, where her dirty laundry was aired in front of everyone. Judith and Harris (Judith Light, Mitch Pileggi) testified that Ann had been a bad wife and neglectful mother, which Ann tried to refute in her own testimony. The strategy failed: The jury found Ann guilty, and in the final scene, she was hauled off to jail. Will Bobby (Patrick Duffy) find a way to spring his wife from the slammer?

Will Emma forgive her mother? Throughout Ann’s trial, Emma (Emma Bell) seemed to struggle with her feelings toward her estranged mother. During a recess, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) appealed to his newly discovered stepsister on Ann’s behalf, but Emma ended up delivering damaging testimony against Ann. Yet when the guilty verdict was announced, Emma went running from the room in tears. Might there be hope for a mother/daughter reconciliation?

Pamela and Christopher: Now what? The enmity displayed at Ann’s trial prompted Christopher to soften toward Pamela (Julie Gonzalo). “I don’t want our kids to be raised with their parents poisoning their minds against each other,” he said. Christopher agreed to Pamela’s request for mediation and seemed concerned when Pamela experienced a pregnancy pain. Later, Cliff (Ken Kercheval) congratulated his daughter on getting Christopher to the negotiating table, but Pamela didn’t seem so enthused. Is she having second thoughts about her scheme against Christopher?

Pamela and John Ross: Is it over? Two episodes ago, when it looked like the police were closing in on Pamela during the investigation into Tommy’s death, John Ross (Josh Henderson) tipped off Cliff about J.R.’s plot against Pamela. In “Trial and Error,” J.R. (Larry Hagman) found out about John Ross’s betrayal and was angry for awhile, until Sue Ellen persuaded him to forgive their son. Meanwhile, Pamela thanked John Ross for helping her, but when he hinted he wanted a deeper relationship with her, she demurred. “Nothing personal. Just protecting our business arrangement,” she told him. Will John Ross give up on Pamela?

When will Sue Ellen make her move against Elena? Three episodes ago, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) told Elena (Jordana Brewster) that if she didn’t strike oil on the Henderson property in one month, Sue Ellen would call in her loan. A month elapsed during “Trial and Error,” which means Elena’s time is up. It seems unlikely she’ll be able to pay Sue Ellen back, especially since she had to bail out brother Drew (Kuno Becker), who was arrested for smuggling stolen goods. Does this mean Sue Ellen and John Ross will finally seize Elena’s share of Ewing Energies?

Will Vicente get revenge? Bobby and Christopher were outraged to discover Vicente (Carlos Bernard) might be extradited to Venezuela. “Don’t forget, we still have some unfinished to conclude,” Vicente told Bobby with a wink. In the promos for tonight’s episode, Vicente and his henchmen are seen leading an ambush on Southfork, where most of the Ewings – even Pamela – are gathered. What brings them together – and will they all survive their latest hostage crisis?

What will be J.R.’s final scene? The final scenes that Hagman filmed before his death last November appeared in “Trial and Error.” The producers were expected to insert one of Hagman’s unused scenes in “Blame Game,” which means tonight could be the last time we’ll see him portray J.R. What will be his swan song?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. What is in store for Harris Ryland? Will Sue Ellen and Cliff Barnes work together or against each other in regards to Ewing Energies?

  2. There is no doubt in my mind Ann will spend some time in jail. The question to me is who will find the way to get her out: Bobby or Emma?

    Like father like daughter. Cliff is congratulating Pamela on her getting Christopher to the mediator. I’m assuming this means he’s giving up on an annulment which means Cliff’s foot in is in the Ewing Energies door. But Chris B. points out Pamela doesn’t seem happy about this. Cliff was concerned earlier that Pamela would let emotion get in the way and loose her way again. But what Cliff is forgetting is that Cliff himself was prone to that from time to time. Remember when he appeared he was going crucify JR and Ewing Oil over the Ewing/Westar tanker collision with his committee? In the end Bobby evoked the make of Pam, Cliff melted, and was unable to follow through. I’m probably jumping the gun her with this prediction but when Afton makes her appearance perhaps she invokes the name of Aunt Pam to young Pamela. That could cause Pamela to melt and ask for nothing in the divorce.

  3. I hope Christopher doesn’t reconcile with Pamela. She’s evil! John Ross can have her. If Sue Ellen takes on Elena, who will join her besides Christopher. Maybe Bobby? Bobby vs. Sue Ellen could be interesting.

  4. this season is fantastic! finally we are seeing Brenda Strong get to act,instead of just carrying around a gun or standing in the kitchen.Shes been riveting the last couple of episodes! i hope that Emma & Bobby work together to free Ann,that would bring Emma into the Ewing fold nicely. im still not thrilled by Pamela but maybe she’ll be okay when the writers decide if shes gonna to be a villain or someone to root for..i dont have a problem with a character being torn between good & bad but she seems to waffle every 5 minutes. Linda Gray is still underused and that makes me mad because she shines when shes on screen and the chemistry between her & Josh Henderson is great. of course, Larry Hagman is wonderful and seeing him onscreen is bittersweet;but JR is the cornerstone on which DALLAS was built and i know his presence will always be felt.im sure John Ross will always be trying to live up to his daddy’s expectations in the same way that JR did concerning Jock…

  5. Tonight looks great…. Looking forward to seeing what steps SUe Ellen takes re her loan. I really hope SHE ends up with a piece of EE.

    Looking forward to seeing so much of the cast together on SF. Love that they are nodding at ‘winds ‘ episode from the original. It also will be nice to have scenes with Bobby and Sue Ellen. We don’t get to see them together very often. A rare wonderful treat. (Which is one of the many reasons I want Sue Ellen to end up at EE)

    What is going to happen between JR3 and PR? How is Elena going to react to the warming of Chris and PR? (She will do the right thing of course..but she cannot be too happy)

    • Hel, I think you’re going to get your wish! It looks like we’ll see more scenes between Bobby and Sue Ellen in future episodes. What a great development!

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