Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘He Wants It For John Ross’

Aftermath, Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Patrick Duffy

The more things change

In “Aftermath,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, Pam (Victoria Principal) sits on her bed while Bobby (Patrick Duffy) sits in a chair, writing on a notepad.

PAM: Bobby?


PAM: It’s really late. What are you doing?

BOBBY: I’m just doodling.

PAM: [Gets up, walks toward his seat, sits and looks at his notepad] You’ve already started working on it, haven’t you? You didn’t waste any time.

BOBBY: Do you think J.R.’s going to?

PAM: Bobby, forgive me, but it was really unfair of Jock to put you in this contest.

BOBBY: Oh Pam, no. It’s not like that at all. He didn’t have a choice.

PAM: Yes, he did. He could have given each of you half of the company. It would have been better for everybody.

BOBBY: You can’t split a company like Ewing Oil.

PAM: Well, then he could have left it the way it was. The whole family was able to vote.

BOBBY: No, that was just an interim agreement. Ewing Oil needs long-range leadership.

PAM: You know I’m behind you in this. It’s just I’m afraid it could hurt us.

BOBBY: Pam, Daddy did the only thing he could possibly do. How could he leave Ewing Oil to one son and not the other? And yet he had to be sure that whoever was in charge was the toughest man for the job. Actually, I’m kind of pleased about the way it turned out. Daddy had confidence in me. He put me up against J.R. J.R.’s been in that position of leadership for a long time.

PAM: Well, you’d be better be sure it’s worth it, because he’s going to fight you with everything he has.

BOBBY: Well, I’m going to fight him just as hard. Pam, J.R. doesn’t want that company just for himself. He wants it for John Ross. And you and I have a son too. And I’m not going to sit back and watch J.R. steal something that rightfully belongs to Christopher.


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