Dallas Cliffhanger Classics: Season 3

Dallas Decoder celebrates “Dallas’s” classic cliffhangers with weekly summertime flashbacks. Collect all 14 images and share them with your friends.

Dallas Cliffhanger Classics 3


  1. That was my first introduction to a cliffhanger. I loved it. It was fun trying to figure out who did it.

    Now slightly off target. Bobby’s outrage at JR closing down that oil well and leaving Southfork was ridiculous. JR did the right thing closing down that well. The Ewings owed Cliff Barnes nothing. Not after the hell he put them through.

    He railed against them non stop; Slept with Sue Ellen to stick it to JR and hope that she may divulge information about the Ewings he might use, publicly declared John Ross to be his son, and finally tried to have Jock convicted of murder. So in what reality, did the Ewing owe Cliff anything?

    Bobby’s rant was so dumb.

    • LBF, I tend to agree with you. Cliff had just finished prosecuting Jock for murder for goodness sakes! I also think it’s funny that this is what made Bobby want to leave Southfork. J.R. pulled far worse stunts in later years, but Bobby always stuck around after those.

  2. Dan in WI says:

    And TV would never be the same again…

    For me the question was always what is your second favorite Dallas cliffhanger. I just can’t see how this one wouldn’t ever win such a pole.

    • I’m with you, Dan. So what is your second favorite “Dallas” cliffhanger? I would probably choose Bobby’s “death,” although the Southfork fire is a good one too. (Not that it’s much if a cliffhanger. Did anyone doubt all the occupants would survive?!)

  3. Tony Ewing says:

    The lead up to the Southfork fire were some of the best episodes ever (in my opinion). The tension after Sueellen found JR with Holly was fantastic. The DVD’s cut the dramatic underscore from that scene though for some reason! Followed by Sueellen’s car crash and then the fire had to be the second best cliff hanger (or even joint first!)

  4. Tony Ewing says:

    I watched this episode again today; when Pamela goes to Corpus Christi in search of her mother she speaks to an elderly lady from the neighbourhood. Was this the same person who later played Amanda, Jock’s first wife, when they needed papers from her that proved whether Jamie and Jack had any legal claim to Ewing Oil?

    • Hi Tony,

      Those roles are played by different actresses. The elderly woman Pam meets in “A House Divided” is played by Ann Nelson. In the 1985 episode “Deeds and Misdeeds,” Amanda is played by Susan French.


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