Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You’re Cute, You Know That?’

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Hit and Run, Patrick Duffy, Pam Ewing, Victoria Principal

You ain’t kidding, sister

In “Hit and Run,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby and Pam (Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal) enter the Southfork living room.

BOBBY: Did your conversation with your mama really go that bad?

PAM: Mhmm. She wouldn’t listen to reason. It scares me, Bobby. [Sits]

BOBBY: [Begins fixing them drinks] Come on. It’s not going to be that easy for her to ruin Ewing Oil, even with Cliff in the cartel.

PAM: But it’s not just Ewing Oil I’m worried about. This could ruin my whole relationship with my family.

BOBBY: Pam, your mama’s not writing you off as a daughter.

PAM: No, but she’s ready to step on my life to protect Cliff’s. That doesn’t make me feel very good.

BOBBY: [Sighs] Well, I sympathize with you. I really do. [Hands her a drink, sits] But to tell you the truth, I have more on my mind right now than Cliff Barnes and your mother.

PAM: That Canadian deal?

BOBBY: Mhmm. Oh, it’s too good to pass up.

PAM: Maybe you should take it.

BOBBY: Well, it’s a long-range deal, and it’s a lot of money. And if it doesn’t come in within a year —

PAM: Before the second audit?

BOBBY: That’s right. I refuse to make a perfect deal just so J.R. can inherit it.

PAM: Well, I wish I had an answer for you, but lately I don’t seem to have any answers.

BOBBY: Well, we may not have answers, but we got each other.

PAM: [Kisses him] You’re cute, you know that?

BOBBY: [Clinks glasses with hers] I know that.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I liked those 2 scenes as well, Pam helping Bobby and them working as a team this is the Pam and Bobby of the earlier seasons. I hate how the writers twisted things around and had Pam leave Bobby because the fight for Ewing Oil got rough. Pam should of stand by Bobby, if she did and supported/helped him then maybe he could have avoided doing some of the things he did which conflicted his conscience. Pam should have know Bobby would not have done things like JR did without his conscience bothering him and there would have been a limit to how far he would have gone (besides Hicks deserved it). I am just saying Pam was wrong to leave Bobby. The fight for Ewing Oil did not cause Rebecca to be on that plane that crashed, her guilt for leaving Cliff along time ago,Cliff’s weakness and greed and her wanting revenge against JR cause her to be in the middle and put her on that jet.


  1. […] of the best scenes she’s had at this point during “Dallas’s” sixth season. I like Pam’s cute exchange with Bobby in the Southfork living room, as well as the scene where she entertains the McLeish […]

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